Oracle NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing Companies

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a popular choice for SME manufacturers searching for a cloud-based system to manage their financials, inventory, supply chain, production, and growth. It offers control of essential manufacturing processes and visibility to run the business and compete in the market.

Features of the Oracle NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing

The Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing software can successfully handle the complexity of the supply chains and the increase in customer expectations. It helps improve customer experience, reduce shipping costs, and optimize on-hand inventory through vital automated processes. Manufacturers gain real-time information for sound decision-making.

Intelligent Order Management

NetSuite Intelligent Order Management makes it possible to deliver the perfect order by automating order processing, orchestration, allocation, and execution. It can fulfill orders on time, depending on business rules and global inventory availability. NetSuite for manufacturing automates fulfillment procedures and eliminates duplicate orders that take too much time with its intelligent workflows.

Planning and Scheduling

The Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Software offers intuitive, real-time, and flexible scheduling to handle complex organizing functions within the industry. Manufacturers can choose between a Gantt chart or a conventional calendar to display upcoming production. Also, it automatically balances supply and demand and ensures the correctness of the required inventory in the right place and time.

Supply Chain

The NetSuite ERP Manufacturing platform allows manufacturers to have a global view of inventory to help manage their outsourced production. The software offers multi-location planning, including vendor location management, real-time inventory visibility, and complete distribution requirement planning (DRP).


NetSuite for Manufacturing supports product-based companies with its features, such as purchase contracts, blanket purchase orders, and quote requests. Manufacturers can manage the buying procedures and suppliers to ensure they get the right affordable products where and when needed. NetSuite also helps companies simplify requests for products and services, track spending, and offer real-time views during operations.

Shop Floor Control

NetSuite ERP for process manufacturing helps manufacturers to accurately and quickly collect information from the shop floor through its interactive tablet application, which can correctly record the activities at each part of the manufacturing process. Its user-friendly layout can show the work queue of all scheduled operations of a work center.

Quality Management

The NetSuite ERP platform is for all manufacturers aspiring to lower operating costs, better manage supply chains and business operations, and increase revenues. They can create and maintain inspection schedules, collect results, and generate a non-conformance report. NetSuite allows manufacturers to define the pass/fail criteria and inspection plans and collect and track recorded results. Thus, manufacturing companies can provide top-quality products with low overhead costs.

CRM and Marketing

NetSuite CRM (customer relationship management) offers marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer support and service management in a single cloud solution. It provides seamless integration with NetSuite ERP and other popular eCommerce platforms.

Benefits of Using Oracle NetSuite for Manufacturing

Integrated Approach for Enhanced Visibility

NetSuite for manufacturing offers a unified view of manufacturing operations by integrating essential business activities in a single cloud platform.

Manufacturers can seamlessly track and manage the daily processes and offer real-time visibility of vital information for decision-makers. The ERP solution provides insights to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and drive strategic planning.

Streamlined Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers become successful if they can manage their supply chains effectively. NetSuite ERP streamlines manufacturing operations by automating purchase orders, demand planning, and vendor management. It also enhances accuracy and reduces manual errors.

Real-time inventory monitoring with advanced forecasting features helps optimize stock levels, reduce stockouts, and deliver timely orders. This approach boosts the efficiency of the supply chain, enhances customer satisfaction, and reduces costs.

Enhanced Quality Control

NetSuite for manufacturing companies ensures manufacturers meet regulatory requirements and retain customer loyalty. It provides quality control capabilities to help them enforce quality standards. The platform offers automated inspection workflows and real-time tracking of quality metrics and facilitates traceability. Manufacturers can safeguard their brand reputation, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce defects.

Agile Production Planning and Scheduling

NetSuite ERP offers powerful tools for production scheduling and planning. Manufacturers can quickly act on dynamic customer demands and market dynamics. The platform helps them improve resource allocation, determine bottlenecks, and consolidate workflows.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Manufacturers can gain insights into key performance indicators through NetSuite ERP to make sound decisions. The application has built-in reporting features for real-time information on production metrics, inventory levels, financials, etc.


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