Elevate Your Manufacturing Operations with Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic (formerly Epicor ERP) is a comprehensive manufacturing software for automating and optimizing your manufacturing processes. Developed by a global provider of business solutions, it is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of Philippine businesses across several industries. Its modules include financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing, CRM, and more. With real-time visibility into production data, you can make informed decisions and improve efficiency, resulting in increased productivity plus reduced costs.

Epicor Kinetic Product Features

Accurately Forecast Demand Through
Materials Management

Manage your inventory and materials in an efficient and organized way through the Materials Management module. Track and control inventory levels including raw materials using electronic requests, wireless terminals, and barcodes. Prioritize and set aside inventory for your top customers, or allocate specific quantity for designated orders. Experience hassle-free picking and shipping with this module.

Experience Flexible Sales and Order Management

Create and manage quotes, produce estimates, place orders, generate BOMs, and track their status throughout the fulfillment process. Once an order has been entered, its Order Job Wizard plans, schedules, and releases jobs. It also automatically calculates the materials, labor, and costs for multiple quantities of a part. Through its Demand Management, users can manage changes in the product schedule against the customer’s shipping needs, resulting to a better response in the production floor. Other features include a POS interface, a website storefront and portals for dealers and customers.

Boost Your Cashflow with Financial Management

Control your financial and accounting records, plus efficiently track payables and receivables with Epicor’s Financial Management. This module also allows multi-currency transactions which monitors gains or losses from exchange rates, while its multi-company feature consolidates data across multiple companies for enhanced operational visibility. Additionally, it can provide accurate financial data, with its advanced Financial Analysis and Reporting. Epicor Kinetic is also compliant with accounting standards and local tax laws.

Optimize Supply Chain Management

Epicor is designed to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations by providing real-time visibility into inventory, demand, and supply. This module has features for demand planning, procurement, inventory management, and logistics. Manage raw materials and update finished goods, then track its movement within the inventory using a handheld device and serial numbers. Create a manifest before shipping and receive the item complete with landed cost details. It can also manage biddings, request quotes from multiple suppliers, as well as optimize your pick, pack, and ship processes.

Runs on Robust and Secure Technology

Epicor Kinetic can run on-premise or on Cloud, via web or on your mobile phone and any customizations remain intact wherever you access them. It also has a responsive interface which works on most browsers. Other advanced features include Commerce Connect which is built in Magento and can be integrated to Epicor ERP. It has dashboards, data visualizations, and filters through its built-in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Reports can be generated via Microsoft SSRS, which works with other products in the Microsoft ecosystem. Epicor ensures compliance with IAS and IFRS among other global standards, meets documentation requirements, and provides several levels of security – from data access restriction to data-tiering and Windows Authentication.

Customer Relationship Management On
The Go

Track leads and opportunities, convert prospects to customers, monitor interactions and contracts, as well as provide accurate revenue forecast with this module. Marketing team can distribute emails, measure their campaign success, or maximize its Commerce Connect; while Sales and Services teams can utilize Case Management so they can respond to customers quickly for new quotes, orders, service calls and RMA requests, or even dispatch representatives on the field. What’s more, it has Mobile Connect which allows users to create lists, set appointments, create SO and more – even without the internet! Epicor’s CRM is also readily available for integration to Salesforce.

Flexible On-Prem or Cloud Deployment

Kinetic is cloud ERP with deployment choice of public cloud, on premises, or hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud allows businesses to step into the cloud with extensions without running their entire ERP in the cloud. As the solution offered uses the same technology, regardless of cloud or on premises, businesses can also choose to self-host the solution or work with a 3rd party. Multinational organizations benefit from additional flexibility as distributed business units have deployment choices across the enterprise with some sites choosing cloud and others choosing on premises deployment.


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Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic Manufacturing allows companies to automate and optimize their manufacturing processes. It provides real-time visibility into production data, allowing manufacturers to make informed decisions and improve efficiency. The system includes modules for production scheduling, quality management, and shop floor control, among others.

There are several benefits to using Epicor Kinetic Manufacturing:

Real-time visibility: Provides real-time visibility into production data, allowing manufacturers to make informed decisions and improve efficiency.

Automation and optimization: Automates and optimizes manufacturing processes, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs.

Comprehensive solution: Has modules for production scheduling, quality management, and shop floor control, among others.

Advanced planning and scheduling: Allows manufacturers to optimize their production schedules by using sophisticated algorithms to analyze production data and make recommendations for scheduling and resource allocation.

Mobile capabilities: Access production data and manage their operations from anywhere, at any time.

Advanced analytics and reporting: Epicor has the tools they need to analyze production data and make data-driven decisions.

Customizable: The system is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of each manufacturer. That results to improved production efficiency, reduced costs, better decision-making, and increased speed in responding to customer demands.

Epicor Kinetic works by collecting data from various sources such as machines, sensors, and other systems, and then using those information to provide real-time visibility into production data.

Yes, Epicor Kinetic is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a simple and intuitive interface that adapts to any user's level of technical expertise.

It is built on a modular architecture, which allows manufacturers to choose the specific modules that they need to manage their operations, making it easy to customize to the specific needs of the organization. The system is designed with a range of settings and options that can be tailored to suit the specific business needs.

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