AI-Powered Accounting Software with Sage 50 for Digital-Savvy Businesses

Sage 50, formerly Peachtree, is one of the world's leading accounting programs for enterprises that need to keep pace with today's digital-powered business landscape. Suited for use in various industries, Sage50 is comprehensive and technologically superior, yet approachable and user-friendly.

Sage 50's New Features

Foundational Accounting Tools

Streamline and simplify your accounting process. Sage 50 lets you create quotes, sales orders, and invoices with industry-specific functionalities for construction, distribution, manufacturing, or nonprofit. Its accounting and finance features include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales order, purchase order, inventory, and a lot more.

Efficient Cash Flow Management

Control your incoming and outgoing cash flow. Stay on top of the budget per department, forecast the amount you need and adjust your cash in/ and cash out to cover upcoming expenses. Sage 50 makes it easy for you to pay bills, invoice customers, manage late payments, and track your expense.

Payments & Banking

Experience automatic reconciliation that eliminates time-consuming and erroneous manual data entry. Connect your bank feeds and make keeping track of credits and returns much easier. Simplify payments, recording bills and writing checks with Sage 50 Accounting.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Sage 50 lets you easily monitor stock levels, and upcoming orders. The quantity also automatically adjusts each time there is a sale or purchase. Gain control over your inventory with its three-step process that checks the item information on sales, inventory, and cost of sales accounts.

Monitor Job Costs

Strictly monitor your budget and spending. Sage 50 enables users to track the job costs by phase, which helps you control the expenses as the projects progress. You can also track job costs through purchasing, inventory adjustment and more. Print out these reports to estimate how much money you made against the total amount you spent.


With over 100+ available reports and financial statements, you can conveniently gather business intelligence to make informed decisions. In just one click, Sage 50 Accounting can generate reports on sales taxes, expenses, and profits. These reports can also be customized according to what you need.

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Sage invoicing software allows businesses - from small enterprises to large corporations - to gain greater control and visibility of their operational finances with various, easy-to-use bookkeeping functions, which are all integrated into one system.
Creating a sales invoice using Sage is easy! Sage is programmed with automated features so you can create customized invoices for your customers and suppliers instantly and have them sent immediately.
The benefits of Sage are numerous, especially for businesses that lack manpower and which need an integrated system that can simplify complex accounting tasks. Sage 50 is a cost-effective solution that offers multi-function capabilities to help you streamline your finances, helping you to save time and money.
When it comes to choosing invoicing software, price is but one of those considerations. Size of enterprise, manpower, complexity of tasks, operational challenges, and others need to be determined.
Sage 50 provides numerous fully automated accounting functions, which include customising sales documents and invoices. Quickly generate invoices, edit them to your needs, and have them sent to your partners, suppliers, and clients instantly.

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