On-Premise Data Storage: Take Full Control of Your Data

When data lives on servers in your data center, it’s easier to secure, maintain, and manage. We have different solutions that fit your infrastructure while giving you the flexibility to scale as needed.

Control Over Security

The thought of your data being out there in the open, vulnerable to hackers and thieves, is terrifying. On-premise data storage gives you complete control over who has access to your data and how it is stored. You decide who gets access, what level of security they have, and when they can access it.

Operate Without Internet

Most companies rely on the internet to store and access their data, but what happens when that connection is lost? On-premise storage is an excellent solution for businesses who want to have an alternate way to store and access their data. You'll have an internal network that is always accessible, no matter the status of your internet connection.

Total Infrastructure Control

In some cases, you might need more customization than cloud vendors provide, or you might not want your data to be shared. On-premise data storage offers a flexible and customizable solution that gives you total control over your data. You can tweak the interface and add features relevant to your field of operation and use cases.

Lower Internet Costs

Companies often pay more for internet bandwidth than they need for cloud storage services. It can lead to unnecessarily high monthly costs. On-premise data storage is a great alternative solution for businesses that don't need the extra features and bandwidth. Save money by paying for only the bandwidth and speed you need.

Reliability and Uptime

When you store data on-premise, you don't have to worry about internet outages or server crashes taking your data offline. On-premise storage is a reliable solution that lets you control the servers and the network. You can ensure that your data is always available when you need it.

No Monthly or Yearly Subscription Costs

You don't need to pay for subscription plans with on-premise data storage. You'll only make an initial investment for the hardware and software, but there are no monthly or yearly fees which can be a significant advantage for businesses that want to save on operational costs.

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