IT Asset Management by Symphony AI

Asset tracking is a critical part of any business, but it's tedious, time-consuming, and easy to overlook without the right tools. It can lead to wasted money, resources, and compliance issues. Summit AI's IT Asset Management is a next-generation solution that uses AI to give you complete control and visibility of your assets. You'll be able to optimize asset utilization, save costs and enforce compliance easily.

Asset Lifecycle Management

It provides the latest data on software licenses. It computes software usage and licensing based on on-premise and cloud environments. It shows compliance risks, asset usage, and ways to optimize expenses without adding risk.

Asset Compliance Management

Whitelisting and blacklisting ensure that only permitted programs can access your data, and automated patch management secures your network. Automate alerts or updates to fix vulnerabilities faster. Real-time reporting can show over 200 parameters.

IT Asset Discovery

Detects and manages your IT infrastructure, giving you complete control and insight. Agentless discovery works in low- or no-bandwidth settings. Plus, all data are centralized for in-depth analysis.

Hardware Asset Management

Tracking and reporting assets are easier. Automating planning, cost accounting, and security monitoring operations improves hardware use and minimizes wasteful purchases. It identifies unapproved hardware devices, updates, and additions.

Software Asset Management

Active directory, agent-less IP subnet discovery, and agent-based scanning provide a real-time, holistic view of application licensing and use across your network. Automated compliance reports help you avoid licensing penalties.

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