Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Ensure Business Continuity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Upgrade your entry-level accounting software, or legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to a comprehensive solution that can connect sales, service, finance, and operations teams. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP system that helps businesses deliver profitable results -- now BIR Computerized Accounting System (CAS) compliant and ready for electronic invoicing to help Philippine businesses like yours adapt faster.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central’s Powerful Features

Streamline Financial Management

Better manage your cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgets, and project costs with Microsoft Business Central. It has modules dedicated for accounts receivables, payables, fixed assets, and general ledger. Maximize its built-in reports which can be exported to Excel or visualize data by exporting them to Microsoft Power BI.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Get a holistic view of your inventory, and predict when to replenish stocks based on actuals, demand, and availability. Business Central has built-in intelligence that provides sales forecasts and automates creation of purchase orders based on expected stock-outs.

Discover Sales Opportunities

Keep your product information up to date – from price to delivery dates, availability, and fulfillment status. Business Central allows users to setup flexible pricing and discount structures for individual or group of customers. What’s more, it can keep track of customer purchases, and provide guidance on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities to increase your cashflow.

Optimize Warehouse Management

You can set up bins and zones in Business Central to reflect the layout of your warehouse, including its racks and shelves. You can manage them with real-time data from every item's zone, bin and quantity. It also streamlines receiving and expedites docking and shippng. Plus, you can organize your warehouse and maximize its capacity.

Provide Accurate Manufacturing Outputs

Implement manufacturing processes according to plan, even in agile and complex environments. Microsoft’s Business Central lets you create detailed bills of materials (BOM), supports assembly-to-order, as well as registers and reconciles consumption and output across multiple BOMs and routes.

Next-level Project Management

With Business Central, you can better manage projects using timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting. Optimimize your resources by planning capacity. Develop and modify detailed budgets to help ensure project profitability.

Work Smarter and Faster

Link your business data to Microsoft Outlook and Excel, or install Business Central app in your Microsoft Teams to share information within your Team chats. Access real-time business intelligence anytime, anywhere, and customize dashboards and KPIs for each user role. Take advantage of the system's suggestions based on your historical data to improve outcomes and productivity.

Boost Customer Service

Automatically register shipped goods as service items and store the required details in one place so both sales and service teams can respond quickly to inquiries. Get an overview of service tasks and workloads, and have the ability to assign personnel to workorders. Keep track of service agreements to deliver reliable service to your customers.

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Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Yes. Business Central is optimized for online deployment, and some capabilities may run on premises only under certain circumstances, while others are not supported at all.
No. If the account you sign up with is a non-Microsoft 365 work account (such as [email protected]), and you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you can associate your domain ( with the Microsoft 365 subscription.

If you do not have a Microsoft 365 subscription, and you do not want to buy one, then, when you sign up, Business Central provisions a new Azure Active Directory tenant for you so that you have access to the advanced administration tools in the Azure portal.
Business Central online is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 so that you can navigate freely between Microsoft 365 apps and Business Central using the app launcher. In Business Central, you can open data in Excel, print reports using Word, and you can work with your Business Central data in Outlook, for example.
Business Central online is governed under the Modern Lifecycle Policy. The service level agreement terms are described in the document that you can download from the Service Level Agreements for Microsoft Online Services section on the Licensing terms page.

Furthermore, as an administrator, you can monitor your tenant's health and specify upgrade windows in the Business Central Administration Center.

Databases are protected by automatic backups that are retained for 30 days. As an administrator, you cannot access or manage these backups because they are managed automatically by Microsoft.
Business Central online is a service that consists of a Microsoft-maintained platform and business functionality. Many Microsoft partners provide extra business functionality, such as to address specific industry or localization needs. Both business functionality and service components are monitored continuously and updated as appropriate. You can always refer to the release plan for an overview of new and upcoming functionality.

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