Oracle NetSuite ERP for Supply Chain Management

NetSuite supply chain management ERP is a system for implementing supply chain plans to ensure businesses run efficient production with the available and required inventory, machinery, and labor. It helps employees maximize their time, and avoids delays in the production process.

Features of the Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management ERP

Supply Chain Planning

SCM NetSuite helps companies harmonize supply and demand with service levels, lead times, and cost controls. Along with predictive analytics and a scheduling engine, it allows decision-makers to make solid decisions about product availability while minimizing excess inventory.

Supply Chain Execution

NetSuite Supply Chain Management controls costs and optimizes all supply chain assets to ensure prompt product delivery to customers within specifications and budget. It provides an efficient production process by considering available and required stocks, machinery, and labor.

Benefits of Using NetSuite SCM

Accurate Cost-of-Goods Sold (COGS)

NetSuite ERP supply chain platform helps businesses gain an accurate status of their COGS through real-time recording of scrap and labor usage.

Improved Communications

Supply chain management NetSuite ensures a smooth flow of communication between development and production teams by allowing them to share and standardize production plans, costing, and work instructions.

Defined Manufacturing Process

NetSuite supply chain application helps businesses compute the required resources for manufacturing, including expected costs and schedules.

Consistent Product Quality

Supply chain management NetSuite allows businesses to conduct ongoing reviews and inspections of raw materials during manufacturing.

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