Optimized Supply Chain & Warehouse Management

Gain a 360-degree view of your supply chain and warehousing activities. Oversee goods flow, production and inventory management and get complete details about your machinery, labor resources, materials, orders, and routing process.

Forecast Demand

Accurately analyze demand, determine stock availability, and identify orders needing stock transfer with its predictive analytics.

Integrated Inventory

Proactively monitor inventory and stock levels across multiple locations. You can also integrate production data, financial reports, and outstanding orders for more in-depth cycle count planning and real-time inventory updates.

Avoid Stockouts

Augment future demand with NetSuite's advanced capability to calculate lead times. It also enables you to reach production goals on time, by determining target dates for the arrival of your raw materials.

Real-Time Reports

Oversee goods flow, production data, financial reports, inventory reports and unfulfilled orders in real-time. NetSuite's Supply Chain management uses a single source of data to provide accurate analytics that enables you to run your production smoothly.

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