Oracle NetSuite ERP for Private Equity and Venture Capital

NetSuite for Venture Capital & Private Equity is for decision-makers who need help in executing their bold strategies based on real-time and accurate information. It helps companies deliver value to their investors even when faced with challenging growth obstacles.

Features of the Oracle NetSuite for Venture Capital & Private Equity

Integrated Business Management

NetSuite helps start-up companies to face all financial challenges. It offers a platform that meets the business needs of equity-backed firms. Businesses can use the cloud-based system for their product and financial management. It helps with compliance with revenue reporting standards and streamlines revenue management.

Business Intelligence

Venture capital and private equity companies can access at least 95 off-the-shelf reports and pre-designed real-time dashboards. They can see KPIs and data relevant to their activity in real time. Moreover, they can save searches and customize reports to streamline complicated analytical activities. They have an assurance that they are using significant and relevant information for positive change.

Financial Visibility

Companies have access to financial information for making better decisions to improve their performance. NetSuite has built-in governance, compliance, and risk features enabling firms to perform due diligence before liquidity events, such as IPOs, M&A, and fundraising.

Benefits of NetSuite for Venture Capital & Private Equity

Risk Mitigation

NetSuite is the central contact point for the private-equity company and its portfolios on a single platform. It manages the escalations to reduce risk and boost the portfolio’s success.

Due Diligence Support

NetSuite Private Equity Practice allows companies to amplify due diligence. It advises on possible solutions, timeline, and cost to complement the investment thesis.

Portfolio Support

NetSuite Venture Capital Practice is the central contact point of companies and their investments. It aligns the core onboarding team with the investments to mitigate risks and ensures repeatable success.

Corporate Partnership Network

NetSuite for Venture Capital & Private Equity allows businesses to use the NetSuite platform’s corporate partnership network to ensure the investments can meet the appropriate development costs and investor expectations.

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