NetSuite for Real Estate

Manage properties and monitor your tenant lifecycle with NetSuite for real estate.

Real-time Dashboards

Invest in an ERP solution that can help you identify opportunities, and view your financial performance with real-time dashboards. NetSuite for real estate allows you to monitor your properties, units, and tenants from multiple locations.

Improve Rent Collection

Increase efficiency in rent collection, tenant, and vendor billing by releasing invoices in just one click. NetSuite also allows you to keep track of your tenants' life cycle to ensure all receivables are collected.

Create Contracts

NetSuite for Real Estate enables users to create and maintain tenant contracts through available third-party applications. Attach important documents so you can keep track of contract stipulations and legalities.

Oversee Multiple Properties

Property managers can now oversee properties or units from multiple locations. Easily set and encode them in your system, receive and record payments, verify post-dated checks and monitor revenue growth a single dashboard.

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