NetSuite for Nonprofit

Ensure transparency with your donors through NetSuite for Nonprofit, which allows you to track and manage your organization's funds.

Reliable System for NGOs

NetSuite for Nonprofit consolidates accounting features such as GL, AR, AP, and FASB reports into one reliable system. Now you can track all expenses for your fundraiser, establish budgets for your programs and set spending controls across your multiple locations in real-time.

Track Expenses vs. Funding

Learn to maximize your resources for long-term success, and assets. Through FASB reports, you can monitor your expenses against programs or grants, and track how your funds were spent and allocated.

Define KPIs

NetSuite for NGOs has a Charity Navigator that allows you to set and align KPIs in your organization. You can monitor your fundraising efficiency, program efficiency, cashflow versus total debt, contributions and more.

Set Multi-Level Approvals

Control costs while growing resources and continuously making social impact. Enable multi-level approval in your organization to ensure compliance with policies, while working on a limited budget.

Expand Your Reach

Go global and seamlessly adjust with different currencies, mutiple languages, taxation and legal compliance changes per country. Managing your NGO across multiple locations has never been this easy!

Readily Available Reports

Generate reports on grant-related transactions such as journal entries, vendor bills, and any expense associated with your event or fundraiser. Plus, view billable and nonbillable transactions through a dashboard.

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