Reliable Analytics & Reports

Understand your business' strengths and weaknesses and address them in a timely manner. With its Suite Analytics and reporting, gain real-time visibility in your company's operational and financial performance. Customize your reports, or choose from existing prebuilt templates.

Leverage KPIs

Generate fast actionable business insights accross multiple departments and teams. Set KPIs and view reports real-time via NetSuite's built-in dashboards.

Customizable Dashboards

Make informed decisions for short and long-term business goals. Using a single source of data, customize your dashboard by combining numerical and graphic data for the most complete and easily understandable overview of your finances.

Prebuilt Reports

Drill-down to the most specific details with NetSuite's customizable reports. These prebuilt reports are time-saving, while helping you gain more in-depth insights regarding your financial and operational status in real-time.

Create Charts & Tables

NetSuite has SuiteAnalytics Workbook which can bring your analyses to life. Create easy-to-read charts and pivot tables, or generate engaging visualizations of your data by customizing the prebuilt templates.

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