Cloud-Based Distribution Warehouse Management System

Produmex WMS extends SAP Business One distribution functionality with comprehensive warehouse management abilities, including real-time inventory, warehouse structure, wave or batch picking, and more. By integrating Produmex WMS, businesses can optimize their order fulfillment process and reduce errors often associated with manual data entry.

Thorough Inventory Management and Control

Get real-time information about your stock levels and inventory movements. Quickly find and select the right products for customer orders.

Improved Product Traceability and Compliance

Automatically track products throughout the warehouse from receiving to shipping. It helps businesses meet strict regulatory requirements and avoid product recalls.

Better Inventory Visibility and Robust Reporting

Get valuable insights into your business with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. Analyze stock levels, product movements, and much more.

Modern Warehouse Automation and Productivity

Eliminate tedious and error-prone tasks with warehouse automation features, such as advanced picking methods, barcode scanning, and more.

Bin Location Management

Assign items to specific bin locations and update the system in real-time as items are moved. It helps businesses keep track of inventory and find products quickly.

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