Making Manufacturing Operations Smarter, Easier, and More Effective

Manufacturing involves challenging processes with many moving parts. When dealing with so much complexity, ensuring you're getting the most out of your operations can be hard. Produmex WMS makes managing your warehouse inventory and manufacturing processes easy to optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

Optimize Production Schedule for Maximum Efficiency

Improve the manufacturing process by scheduling the entire production at the minute level, resulting in optimized and more efficient use of resources.

Reduce Warehousing Costs

Implement just-in-time ordering of materials. It would reduce warehousing costs as there would be no need to store all the materials long before they are needed.

Get the Most Out of Your Limited Resources

By using the production scheduling feature, you can better utilize your limited resources and prioritize the production of goods according to customer demand.

Seamless Flow of Information Between Systems

It fully integrates with SAP Business One, so there is no gap between the manufacturing and business information system (inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting, etc.).

Automatic BOM Creation

Automatically build BOMs for each finished good using Produmex Scan and SAP Business One. The system generates a list of all the materials and components needed to make the product, improving production efficiency and accuracy.

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