Controls & Schedules

Flexible manufacturing means that Beas Manufacturing can provide a solution tailored to its clients' unique needs. The Beas manufacturing software suite provides robust and scalable solutions for companies who need help streamlining production processes, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility. All Beas products are designed with ease-of-use for anyone – from shop floor staff to management.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Beas Manufacturing's planning and scheduling tools allow production managers to schedule the factory workload according to resource capacity and material availability. Production dates are updated, and resources are utilized to their maximum.

Version & Revision Control

Managing revisions of items and bills of materials can be a challenging task, especially for complicated multi-level BOMs. With Beas Manufacturing, you can effectively manage several active BOMs simultaneously for the same item. You can also track the impact of the modifications for each revision.

Product Configurator

Beas Manufacturing's product configurator allows companies to build configurable, multi-option, and customizable products. This provides them with a competitive edge by reducing lead times, automating quotation documentation, increasing workforce efficiency, eliminating errors and rework, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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