Quoting & Costing

Reducing cost is a top priority for many companies. Beas Manufacturing can help them minimize costs by providing a reliable, comprehensive solution that is easy to maintain and use.

Product Quoting

Quickly calculate accurate product costs, selling price, and margin which helps when quoting. Compare your planned and actual production and purchase costs to better calculate your margin and profitability, as well as to support your decision-making.

Product Costing

Beas Manufacturing provides complete control of your total manufacturing cost with unique pre-calculation functionality to simulate the product's planned cost. Now, you can gain deeper insights into production costs and pinpoint areas to save money.

Distribution Rules

Beas Manufacturing offers an advanced cost accounting feature that allows distribution rules to be established according to your company’s production activity. For example, different rules for financial transactions from SAP Business One and specific reports can be attributed to each cost center with specific cost elements.

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