Quality Control

Companies must produce quality products that meet or exceed customers' expectations and minimize waste. Quality products can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and improve customer retention.

Manufacturing Quality Control & Traceability

Define what, when, and how products are tested. Beas Manufacturing helps promote quality by providing a full audit and electronic documentation trail which increases overall product quality and traceability. You can view all the components used in manufacturing, including which parts are involved and their lot or serial numbers.

Meet Regulatory Standards

It is crucial for companies, especially manufacturers, to meet regulatory standards. Beas Manufacturing's software can help you meet regulatory requirements by accurately tracking and managing the right materials. It provides traceability of products at any point in time and reduces compliance costs.

Manufacturing Machine Maintenance

Beas’ manufacturing maintenance solution helps you avoid unplanned downtime and increase production availability. It actively manages planned downtime and can help you consistently reduce machine and line stoppages by offering preventive and corrective maintenance plans.

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