Efficient Data Transfer and Seamless Integration Between SAP B1 and Shopify

eConnect's SAP Business One and Shopify integration can automate linking transactions, as well as allow you to maintain accurate inventory levels and customer information. It automatically synchronizes changes between both systems.

Product Sync Between SAP Business One and Shopify

SAP Business One's Item master data gets updated for every change made to product details in Shopify. You can also sync items from SAP B1 to Shopify including the complex types of product variants.

Synchronized Customer Data

Online store owners will find it easy to manage customer information in one system. When a new customer registers on the Shopify e-commerce store, SAP Business One automatically syncs their account information in the Business Partner master data. Any update to existing web customers are also automatically downloaded to SAP Business One.

Automatic Invoicing

A successful payment via the Payment Gateway will generate a transaction ID, and the order will get placed in Shopify. eConnect will automatically sync sales orders and invoices from your online store to SAP Business One as Sales Order and A/R Receive Invoice, including any incoming payments and transaction IDs.

Allows Mapping of Multiple Warehouses

Multiple warehouses in multiple locations can be fully mapped from SAP Business One to Shopify using eConnect. It allows you to track stock levels across different warehouses and ensure accurate order fulfillment.

Syncing of Discounts

Shopify and SAP Business One maintain the same order value when discounts are synchronized. It provides a smooth and accurate flow of information between the two platforms and helps avoid discrepancies.

Accurate Stock Update

Use SAP Business One to keep your eCommerce store's inventory updated and accurate. You can choose to sync product stock from SAP Business One to Shopify using multiple variants of inventory level status such as: In Stock, In Stock – Committed, and In Stock – Committed + Ordered.

Mapping of Tax and Shipping Charges

Calculates the correct order total by precisely mapping tax and shipping charges when converting web orders into SAP Business Sales Orders. With this information, you can generate accurate invoices and manage prices easily.

Efficient Shipment Tracking

eConnect allows users to sync the shipment information between SAP Business One and Shopify. The shipping details are synced from SAP Business One’s delivery note to the Shopify website. Users can track their orders on the Shopify site using the tracking number. It helps businesses keep their customers updated about the order status and have an efficient tracking system.

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