An Integration Platform for Your Retail Business

Developed with a customer-centered experience in mind, eConnect is a robust integration platform that helps retailers drive digitalization, operational efficiency, and mission-critical business procedures.

Power and Flexibility

Provide users with the ability to integrate and automate their business processes. It allows businesses to quickly adapt their workflows to changing needs, making them more agile and efficient. Additionally, the full-stack integration capabilities of eConnect ensure a smooth and cohesive experience for users.

Launch Faster

Industry-leading, time-tested templates for best integration practices can reduce your deployment time by up to 65%. eConnect allows you to launch your eCommerce store in record time and get your business off the ground quickly.

Reliable and Secure

The servers follow highly encrypted channels to communicate, and the security layer pre-built on the platform shields all the activities made through the platform. It makes eConnect an ideal choice for retail businesses that must protect their online transactions and customer data.

Empower Teams

During peak season, retail businesses have to deal with large volumes of transactions. Avoid discrepancies and improve productivity by using a single interface to update information on both systems. eConnect streamlines the management of your e-commerce website and SAP system so you can keep up with the demands and competition.

Accelerate Growth

Retail businesses must find ways to market new products and services faster to stay competitive. With eConnect, they can simultaneously achieve both goals. This powerful tool allows businesses to enjoy a 70% bump in business productivity and faster fulfillment of online orders. Additionally, it provides total visibility into sales orders, inventory, and other product data, allowing businesses to forecast inventory needs better and avoid stock-outs.

Boost Revenue

By integrating data sources, companies can avoid errors, repetitive work, manual processes, and information lag. It results in increased revenue and cost savings. Furthermore, retail businesses can quickly identify customer needs and provide better services that result in higher sales.

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