Drive Business Value by Making SAP Business One and Magento Work Together

eConnect integrates SAP Business One with Magento to take away complexities and deliver an end-to-end business solution. Bring your business operations to the next level with real-time business data.

Integration of Multiple Magento Websites

eConnect offers an easy way to connect your Magento websites with SAP Business One. It lets you manage orders and customers from a single point of contact, without manual entry on the other application. Capture new and update information of existing customers from the website – such as names, billing and shipping addresses, while the connector seamlessly maps them to SAP’s Business Partner Codes (BP Codes). With eConnect, you'll get the full power of SAP Business One at your fingertips.

Precise Calculation of Total Orders

This add-on provides the accurate calculation of the total order amount, taking into account tax, shipping charges, and discounts. eConnect maps the correct value when converting web orders, including guest orders, into SAP Business One Sales Orders. Users also have the option to choose the web orders that will sync back to SAP by saving them as Draft. These transactions may also undergo an approval process prior to synchronization.

Maintain Exact Inventory Level

Real-time updates from SAP Business One keep inventory levels accurate in the eCommerce store, reducing delays and out-of-stock situations. It also helps ensure that the inventory levels shown on your website are accurate and up-to-date.

Capture Details of Payment Method

SAP Business One allows you to download payment method details as incoming payments. Payments can be associated with the correct invoice using the transaction ID. Credit card information of your customers will only be saved in the website and be available in SAP B1 through the Sales Order and A/R Reserve Invoice associated with an incoming payment – if both your Magento store and SAP server are PCI Compliant. This allows you to directly charge the credit card without going through a payment gateway.

Support for Shipping Methods & Tracking Number

Using SAP Delivery Notes, SAP Business One users can sync shipment tracking numbers to Magento. The tracking number becomes available in the order details on the storefront, so web customers can easily track their shipments using this feature. Shipping methods and charges from the website can also be fully mapped with SAP B1’s shipping method and freight.

Synchronize Pricing Between Two Systems

When the user changes pricing, eConnect keeps SAP Business One's Pricelist in sync with the e-Commerce site. This ensures that customers see the exact prices when shopping online or in-store. It also synchronizes period and volume discounts from SAP B1 to the website by determining the particular date range or allowed volume of items for the discount to be applied.

Sync Different Item Categories

Different categories of items can be listed in the e-commerce web store, such as simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, downloadable, and even virtual products. It can then be synced with SAP Business One Master records, creating an inventory level for each item. Any update on the product details via the website can instantly reflect in SAP B1’s Master Data.

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