Produmex WMS: The Bridge to Logistics Excellence

Designed for the demands of the modern high-performing warehouse, bridging the gap between ERP software and a complete logistics management system. It is the ideal technology solution for improving operational efficiency, eliminating waste, and increasing worker productivity.

Yard and Dock Management for Smarter Loading

Assist truck drivers entering the warehouse in locating the correct loading docks and yard slots. It reduces the time it takes to find an available dock, reducing congestion and improving traffic flow.

Monitor Employees' Performance With Ease

Helps warehouse managers keep track of workers' performance by utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs) to show those who exceed or fall short of expectations.

Efficient Picking and Packing for Warehouses

Multiple picking methods are supported, including batch, wave, and zone picking. Warehouse employees can also utilize lot zonings and task interleavings to optimize pick-and-pack operations.

Warehouse Design for Optimized Inventory Allocation

Updates workflows and picking logic to ensure the warehouse is set up for optimal inventory allocation. It establishes bin slotting to maximize storage capacity while considering seasonal inventory fluctuations.

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