Janine Motos

Janine Motos

Janine has worked and written several blogs for Mustard Seed Systems Corporation as a Marketing Manager. This tech-savvy Website Admin now works as a Digital Innovations Lead, helping customers innovate and improve internal processes. She harnesses her IT expertise and power of words to drive transformative change for businesses of all sizes.



SAP vs NetSuite: A Comparative Analysis

This comprehensive comparative analysis provides insights into SAP vs NetSuite, two leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.


What Is the Difference Between NetSuite and QuickBooks?

As your company grows, entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks may need help to cope with the complexity of your financial needs.


What Is a Computerized Accounting System (CAS)?

A Computerized Accounting System (CAS) is a technological advancement that automates complex accounting processes,

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