Epicor ERP Software: Designed for Furniture Manufacturing Success

Always be at pace with your consumer’s always-evolving lifestyle. You need a robust ERP software for furniture manufacturing like Epicor which can handle core manufacturing processes from product design to warehousing, distribution and customer service – all while keeping it low-cost against competitors in the furniture industry

Epicor ERP Features to Revolutionize Operations for Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing

Experience the integration of eCommerce capabilities, next-generation CRM, rules-based product configuration, engineering and PLM functionalities, APS, meticulous quality control, and precise product cost analysis. These ERP software features collectively empower furniture manufacturing businesses to drive unparalleled efficiency in every facet of their operations.

Flexible and Advanced Product Configuration

For furniture manufacturers grappling with the intricacies of selling customizable products, Epicor has a rules-based Product Configurator, showcasing product options on a single page for faster customer decision-making. Integrated with Commerce Connect, it facilitates web-based configurations, perfect for quoting and pricing within one solution. Once order is confirmed, it transfers BOM, routing requirements, and special instructions directly to the production floor. You can also opt to transfer the configuration to engineering to automatically create CAD documents.

Optimized Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Cut down on waste with Epicor ERP. By leveraging demand management, inventory control, and MRP, this furniture manufacturing ERP software helps you manage cost and optimize buying power through forecasting and demand. With time-phased material control, you can minimize excess raw and finished goods inventory, and ensure timely goods delivery – which reduces storage costs. To accommodate seasonality and trends, the Epicor Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization Platform also offers tools accessible through a web interface.

Powerful Capability-Based Scheduling

Workforce diversification necessitates capability-based scheduling, whether based on employee skills or machinery. Epicor ERP has visual and multisource scheduling boards, color-coded load indicators, drag-and-drop and drill-down capabilities that enable master schedulers and production managers to handle changes and proactively address constraints. Epicor also offers capable-to-promise functionality for furniture industry manufacturers aiming to enhance delivery times and responses to customer inquiries. By absorbing sales order requirements into scheduling, and employing capacity and MRP rules, it ensures accurate delivery date commitments.

High Technology Systems and Supply Chain

As a consistent innovator in global ERP solutions, Epicor boasts a state-of-the-art connected systems architecture that drives efficiency and connectivity. It acts as a high-performing and accessible service, facilitating connections among users, systems, and processes. Aside from enabling tighter collaboration throughout the supply chain, users can leverage automated processes such as requesting RFQs and sending change orders through electronic queues on supplier portals or via EDI. This enhances relationships with suppliers eventually driving positive bottom-line results.

Strategic Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Placing customers at the heart of your business is the cornerstone of Epicor’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Through this module, the wealth of customer information is accessible to all stakeholders – within and beyond the organization, granting a 360-degree view of the customer, supplier or partner. Its Mobile CRM equips your salesforce with the tools they need on-the-go, whether they use iOS™ or Android™ devices. Navigate the sales cycle from opportunity to order shipment - anytime, anywhere.

Interconnected Dealer Network Portal

Recognizing the vital role dealers play in the furniture industry, Epicor Dealer Network Portal powered by Epicor Commerce Connect™ and tightly integrated with ERP systems, offers a modern online experience for configuring, pricing, quoting, and managing services and warranties. By centralizing dealer activity in the portal, manufacturers establish unified data, gaining full visibility into their operations while enhancing dealer relationships. This approach not only positions manufacturers as preferred partners but also propels business growth through customer-centricity.

Unlock the Benefits of Epicor ERP Software for Furniture Manufacturing

Improved Operational Visibility

Identify and plan essential resources throughout the entire order lifecycle. From order capture to production, shipping, and accounting, Epicor is a tightly integrated ERP system that ensures businesses have access to the right information whenever they need it – empowering all stakeholders across the supply chain to make informed decisions. With industry-leading technology at its core, Epicor enables manufacturers from the furniture industry to leverage the benefits of real-time collaboration, enhancing productivity throughout the manufacturing process.

Faster Lead Times and Reduced Waste

For furniture manufacturers committed to innovation and efficiency, implementing lean methodologies across their operations improves customer satisfaction and overall business performance. By embracing Epicor’s lean metrics and service-oriented architecture (SOA), businesses can systematically reduce waste in internal processes from office to plant floor – leading to improved profitability and sustainable growth. What’s more, Epicor ERP for furniture manufacturing enables manufacturers to deploy demand-pull systems based on replenishment principles, optimizing material and component efficiencies.

Flexible Deployment Methods

Having an adaptable ERP solution is essential to accommodate growth and change. With Epicor ERP, you have the freedom to choose your software deployment – whether as a SaaS subscription, a managed service, or an on-premises solution. Epicor is the only ERP that offers flexibility across on-premises, virtualized, hosted, or cloud environments in a single version, providing unmatched versatility without compromising functionality. Tailor Budget and scale requirements via the deployment method that best suits your needs.


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