Integrate Your Bank Accounts Seamlessly

Keeping tabs with multiple bank accounts can be overwhelming. You can choose to automatically link banking transactions with Xero Accounting's software for simultaneous and seamless updating of your financial position.

Daily reconciliations

Connect your business bank accounts to review reconcilitations on a daily basis.

Seamless integration with your bank

Xero Accounting allows you to set up links with multiple banks, and integrate up to 12 months of transaction history for your record keeping.

Secure and reliable

Xero has fortified security measures to demonstrate their commitment to secure your transactions. It provides multiple layers of protection for the safekeeping of your personal and financial information.

Reconcilation on the go

Reconcile your financials through the app or manually import bank statements to keep your accounts updated.

Automatic matching
of records

Reduce time spent reconciling transactions as bulk transactions can be coded and matched in one go to invoices and bills.

Never miss a transaction

Be immediately informed about balances that don't match, and easily check for missing, deleted, or duplicated transactions with a generated bank reconciliation summary.

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