Requirements of BIR CAS in the Philippines

Complying with the CAS BIR requirements is crucial for legal adherence, avoiding penalties, and maintaining transparency in your business. CAS registration facilitates efficient tax audits and enhances business credibility by ensuring accurate records and fair tax reporting.

We understand that government-compliance tasks can be overwhelming. Let’s simplify the Computerized Accounting System BIR Requirements for you.

Documentary Requirements for CAS Registration

To complete your BIR CAS registration, prepare the following documents:

1. An accomplished BIR Form 1900

2. Documents to validate your company’s profile, including BIR Certificate of Registration, a list of branches that will use the computerized accounting, a map of the headquarters location, and past-issued BIR permits.

3. Technical CAS requirements, such as the following:

  • application name
  • samples of reports and correspondences generated by the CAS system
  • disaster and recovery plan
  • proof of system ownership
  • process and system flow
  • a summary of features and functions.

4. For system enhancements or modification applications, include the following:

  • previous BIR Permit to Adopt CAS
  • a letter detailing the changes or improvements to your CAS.

Remember that BIR may change these requirements in the future. Verifying with an authorized representative from the BIR before finalizing your registration is advisable.