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in-memory Databases with SAP HANA

Compete in today’s business environment with a database solution that accelerates real-time, data-driven decisions. If you’re a business struggling to handle your growing database, SAP HANA can solve this issue because it can store and retrieve your data faster compared to other applications – allowing you to perform all transactions and analytical operations from a single system.

SAP HANA is a relational database management system which provides the next-generation, in-memory data management foundation for your solution – because your growing organization and unstructured data should be managed efficiently.

It’s a column-oriented in-memory database that runs advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions – in a single system. This design enables you to process massive amounts of data with near zero latency, query data in an instant, and become truly data-driven. By storing data in column-based tables in main memory and bringing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) together, SAP HANA is unique – and significantly faster than other database management systems (DBMS) on the market today.

Drive Innovation Into Your Company with

SAP HANA’s Valuable Features

Reimagine Your Database

Manage large database volumes using multi-tenant database containers and in-memory database services, which results in high-speed transactions and analytics.

Advanced Analytics Processing

Leverage in-memory data processing capabilities to get answers for your business questions and make smart, real-time decisions.

Straightforward Administration

Keep your operations running smoothly thru simplified system administration and IT operations. With SAP HANA, ensuring the security of your data and its availability will not be a problem.

Unprecedented Data Access

Access data from any internal or external source and integrate or replicate it into SAP HANA to gain a completeand accurate insight into your market performance.

Scale on Demand

With dynamic tiering, frequently accessed data remains in memory while less used data is automatically moved to the disk – enabling you to save more space. 

Cutting-edge Security

SAP HANA is embedded in a robust, state-of-the-art security framework which supports compliance with the latest security standards and data.

Handle Data with Machine Learning

Its machine learning and advanced analytic capabilities mean that vast amounts of unstructured data can be processed, stored, and accessed with ease – allowing you to go beyond the Big Data trend.

Enjoy Flexibility Like Never Before

It’s one of the most versatile data solutions in the market. SAP HANA is compatible with a huge range of operating systems and you can also apply its new analytic capabilities to your existing software.

Watch How SAP HANA Does It

Gone are the days of time-consuming data processing due to traditional disk memory databases. Technology has now brought us a new way to store and process our data – through in-memory databases like SAP HANA. By combining multiple data management capabilities – and making all types of data instantly available from a single system – SAP HANA simplifies IT, helps businesses innovate, and knocks down barriers to digital transformation. Play the video to know more.

System Requirements

Only software installed by certified hardware partners, or any person holding certification, is recommended for use on the SAP HANA system. Do not install any other software on the SAP HANA system. The components of SAP HANA can only be installed by certified hardware partners, or any person holding certification. Furthermore, it must be installed on validated hardware running an approved operating system.

SAP HANA is available for:

  • Intel-based hardware platforms
  • IBM Power Systems

The following SAP HANA features, SAP HANA capabilities, and SAP HANA options are supported on Intel-based hardware platforms only:

  • SAP HANA Accelerator for SAP ASE
  • SAP HANA Remote Data Sync
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming

For the SAP HANA system the following operating systems are available:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5

We strongly recommend that you set up an NTP server for the SAP HANA system landscape.

During the update and the installation of the SAP HANA database (from the SAP HANA installation manager), a hardware check is performed in order to ensure that problems do not arise due to wrong or unsupported hardware configurations in combination with the SAP HANA platform. The check is a script that is automatically called by the SAP HANA installer and aborts the installation process if it doesn’t succeed.

It is not possible to disable the check because SAP HANA is highly optimized for specific hardware configurations which have been designed and tested together with our hardware partners. Outside of these validated configurations, SAP HANA performance and stability cannot be guaranteed.

Before installing or updating SAP HANA, consult the SAP HANA Product Availability Matrix (search for HANA) to verify if the hardware you are planning to use is supported by SAP HANA. If the hardware is not supported, the hardware check returns the results “not supported” in the system manufacturer, system product name, CPU model, OS, memory total, or core count check results.

The check is automatically delivered with the SAP HANA software and can be executed as a standalone check anytime. Execute the check by going to the /usr/sap//HDB/exe/python_support directory and running the Python script named Due to some dmidecode commands in the check it has to be executed as root.

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