Overcome Hurdles in Your Service and Project-Based Business with MD365 Business Central

Professional services firms encounter many hurdles, from overseeing intricate projects and contracts to securing a comprehensive view of resource availability and optimizing billable hours. The ideal project management solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be a game-changer in overcoming these difficulties.

Experience Efficient Project Management with Business Central

Advanced Project Management Capabilities

Within D365 Project Operations, Microsoft Project has features like Gantt charts, customizable dashboards, and scheduling tools that integrate seamlessly. It ensures your project managers possess precisely the toolkit required to handle projects, regardless of their scale or intricacy. Real-time expense estimation and tracking of planned-to-actual consumption are also enabled. It includes built-in analytics tools that generate real-time observations of project performance and progress, empowering you to make well-timed, more informed decisions on the fly.

Enhanced Deal Management

Maximize deal success with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Tailor your approach with flexible resource-based costing and diverse billing models. Adapt to local market dynamics, and create estimates swiftly using standardized templates. With D365 Sales integration, enjoy a unified sales dashboard for personalized customer interactions, driving effective and profitable engagements.

Resource Utilization Optimization

Dynamics 365 Project Operations redefines resource management, ensuring maximized utilization and project success. Effortlessly assess resource availability, align skilled professionals to appropriate projects, and optimize workload distribution. With intelligent, skills-based assignments and clear visibility, you can predict and fulfill resource needs accurately, which leads to elevated productivity and the highest quality of project execution.

Effortless Time Tracking and Expense Management

Dynamics 365 Project Operations simplifies time and expense tracking in the professional services landscape. Featuring seamless mobile and browser submissions, an intuitive interface for policy adherence, and customizable, automated workflows – it ensures accuracy and compliance in reporting. Streamline your processes, capture every billable hour, and enhance operational efficiency

Efficient Project Financial Management

Empower your financial reporting with Dynamics 365. Utilize a user-friendly interface for efficient invoicing, and navigate project costs effortlessly. With open APIs and seamless integration with D365 Finance, access crucial ledger functionalities, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and enhanced business performance.

Enhanced Business Visibility

Unify your project-centric business with D365 Project Operations. Harness the power of Microsoft Power BI for advanced data visualization and intelligence sharing. Benefit from customizable dashboards offering crucial insights in user-friendly formats, enabling swift decision-making. Adapt effortlessly to market changes by optimizing workloads and preventing resource overloads or underutilization.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive solution for project management, enhancing visibility across finance, sales, and project sectors. It streamlines planning, resource allocation, and cost tracking, integrating functions from Microsoft Projects, D365 Sales, and Finance. This robust platform boosts productivity, simplifies budgeting, billing, and reporting, ensuring successful project execution.

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