Stretch the Efficiency of Rubber Manufacturing with Epicor ERP Software

Shift from static, siloed Excel sheets to Epicor, an ERP software catered to the needs of the rubber and plastics manufacturing industry. From managing raw materials and production monitoring, to adhering to environmental regulations, Epicor is a flexible solution crucial to manufacturing businesses experiencing hyper growth

Epicor ERP Features for High-Volume Rubber Manufacturing Operations

Epicor recognizes the critical need for realizing the vision of a smart factory. Whether it’s managing molds, executing high-volume production, ensuring quality standards, or delivering unparalleled customer service, its features are designed to maximize your current resources and equip you to drive digital transformation in your organization.

Optimized Mold Manufacturing and Utilization

The intricate process of overseeing the design, prototype development, and manufacturing of new molds and projects becomes manageable using Epicor’s Project Management. Comprehensive project analysis, including revenue recognition, injects visibility into long-running projects particularly in family molding where managing production, quality, and schedules are challenging. Epicor is adept in handling complex scenarios involving simultaneous production of multiple parts using a single mold on a machine, while its maintenance capabilities optimize the performance of molds, guaranteeing optimal utilization.

Specialized Make-To-Order or Make-To-Stock Builds

Epicor is an ERP software for the rubber manufacturing industry, catering to a spectrum of production needs from simple to complex build plans – whether operating in make-to-order, make-to-stock, or mixed-mode environments. For make-to-order manufacturers, Epicor facilitates detailed estimation, quoting, planning, scheduling, and production monitoring, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, profitable products. Similarly, Epicor solutions simplify operations across the board for make-to-stock manufacturers specializing in diverse techniques like injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, thermal forming, and extrusion.

Complex Product Builds Management

With capabilities for managing complex product builds, Epicor empowers users to navigate rubber manufacturing processes effortlessly. Engineers can efficiently handle bills of material (BOM) and bills of operation (BOO), while also managing multiple levels of assemblies. This facilitates visual configuration of all components, ensuring accurate scheduling and costing of multilevel assemblies. Furthermore, Epicor allows non-engineers such as salespeople to estimate complex products through rules-based product configurations. Once accepted, the estimate flows into production with complete BOM and BOO.

Advanced Process and Quality Control

Epicor software for rubber and plastics integrates Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC), utilizing real-time, automatic data to preemptively address production conditions. It identifies and segregates out-of-spec, defective parts, preventing them from advancing through the manufacturing process and reaching customers. With SPC and SQC, machine operators, quality engineers, and maintenance professionals benefit from consistent results without constant oversight, as the system compares cycle time, temperature, weight and other measurements against preset limits and sampling criteria.

Visual EDA and OEE Dashboards

Operational visibility is crucial for driving bottom-line revenues and enhancing overall efficiency in the rubber manufacturing industry. Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) empowers manufacturers with customizable and interactive dashboards, facilitating easy analysis of data trends, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) pertaining to production equipment. These dashboards offer visual graphs, charts, and tables, enabling quick view of production performance. With the EDA as the central hub for analysis, users can drill down into data with a simple click.

Real-time Data for Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Get real-time reports on equipment status, tool effectiveness, and production conditions to pave the way for improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with Epicor, the ERP software for rubber manufacturing industry. With performance metrics delivered in a user-friendly format, Epicor’s automation of data collection enables the entire team to detect patterns, raise alerts, trigger business process changes, and identify areas for improvement. Furthermore, Epicor's support for digital and analog machine signals allows for integration with various manufacturing equipment.

Accurate Product Traceability

Product traceability is required to meet stringent quality standards and compliance requirements of highly regulated industries. With Epicor's Package Control functionality, rubber manufacturers can effortlessly track materials, tooling, finished, and semifinished products, ensuring full visibility and control over their inventory. This system operates akin to a license plate system for cars, allowing for precise management of groups and individual items through the input, tracking, and manipulation of pertinent data points such as serial numbers and part codes.

Optimized Scheduling and Delivery

Maintaining supplier status hinges not only on cost and quality but also on delivery performance. Epicor ERP software for the rubber manufacturing industry provides essential tools to uphold supplier status by optimizing production visibility and scheduling processes. With advanced visual and multiresource scheduling boards, master schedulers and production managers can manage changes and respond to overload constraints proactively. It also offers true capable-to-promise capability, integrating sales order requirements into scheduling using appropriate capacity and MRP rules.

Data-Driven Cost Analysis

Epicor ERP software is pivotal for reducing costs while maintaining uncompromised quality in rubber manufacturing. Focus on cost management, Epicor leverages just-in-time (JIT) techniques and supplier negotiations to minimize waste and drive down margins. The integration of inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP), and purchase suggestions ensures material control and timely delivery, bolstering overall cost-effectiveness. Crucially, Epicor breaks down production costs into key components such as material, labor, and subcontracting, enabling cost analysis for future production runs.

Intelligent AI Technology

Experience game-changing AI with Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA), an intelligent assistant designed to enhance user experience and productivity. With EVA's context-aware natural language processing (NLP), users can interact with their Kinetic system through simple conversations or text inputs. EVA provides information cards with suggested actions, enabling employees to find answers promptly. Developed using Microsoft Azure AI, EVA is available for all sizes and types of Epicor implementations, ensuring that businesses of any size can leverage innovative technologies.

Unveil the Valuable Benefits of Epicor ERP for Rubber Manufacturing

Harness the Power of Internet of Things

Epicor ERP seamlessly integrates Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities through its partnership with Microsoft® Azure®, offering manufacturers unparalleled insight into their enterprise activities. With Epicor IoT, manufacturers can monitor a diverse array of factors, including equipment, assets, environmental conditions, and inventory locations, leveraging real-time data to enhance decision-making processes. By utilizing advanced rule-based engines, Epicor IoT can detect patterns and trigger alerts and notifications within the ERP software, facilitating proactive maintenance actions and streamlining rubber manufacturing processes.

Unparalleled User Experience, Mobility, and Technology Framework

Epicor's commitment to a 100% services architecture ensures your investment remains protected by offering a complete suite of applications for scalability and flexibility. By embracing web services for deployment, Epicor facilitates electronic collaboration within the supply chain, whether they're at their desks or on the go with their mobile devices. With Epicor, users benefit from a modern interface designed for versatility. Moreover, its service-oriented architecture (SOA) makes acquisitions and mergers easier for businesses seeking growth opportunities.

Lean Methodology Approach and Demand/Pull Systems

Leveraging lean methodology and demand/pull systems is essential for enhancing lead times and minimizing waste throughout the rubber manufacturing process. Epicor ERP software offers comprehensive support for lean production principles, enabling manufacturers to streamline business processes and optimize resource utilization from the office to the plant floor. By integrating lean activity metrics and Kanban functionality, Epicor facilitates the implementation of demand/pull systems based on replenishment principles, thereby improving efficiency in material and component management.

Experience Industry-Leading Service and Support

With over 45 years of experience and more than 20,000 customers worldwide, Epicor is a trusted global partner committed to delivering world-class solutions and customer support at a lower total cost of ownership. At the heart of Epicor's success is the Signature Implementation Methodology, which ensures the seamless planning, design, validation, and deployment of Epicor solutions. Combined with a dedicated team of trained professionals across the globe, customers can expect on-time, on-budget implementations.

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