Produmex Scan: The Only Barcode Scanner You’ll Ever Need for Your Retail Business

Become more efficient and effective in your retail business with a cloud-based barcode scanning solution that extends the power of SAP Business One. Produmex Scan is a fully configured and ready-to-use barcode scanner that supports all critical inventory operations, including sales order delivery, picking, packing, goods receipt purchase order, and more.

Reduce Errors, Boost Customer Satisfaction

Because it's easy to use, picking and shipping errors are less likely. Fewer shipping mistakes lower costs and make customers satisfied.

Always Correct Stock Levels

It helps keep stock levels accurate in real-time by automating inventory tasks such as stock counting and data entry. It reduces the chances of errors and increases accuracy.

Improved Efficiency Saves Time and Money

It speeds up inventory transactions and helps warehouse operators work more efficiently. The time saved can be used to grow the business or focus on other areas.

Instant Visibility and Traceability

Gain complete visibility into your inventory at any time with the ability to track products from receipt to sale.

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