Easily Integrate Lazada and Shopee with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Embark on your e-commerce journey swiftly with just a few simple steps. Begin by setting up your webstore, following the precise instructions for a seamless start. Quickly integrate Lazada and Shopee into the D365 Business Central platform.

Easily Populate Your Products

Efficiently transfer all your product data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to your online store, be it Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada integration, or Shopee integration. Quickly bring your product information to your webstore, eliminating the need for manual input. What’s more, you can automate recurring processes to enhance operational efficiency. Save valuable time, and minimize unnecessary effort, so you can focus on growing your online business.

Tailor Your E-commerce Store to Your Taste

Craft your online storefront to mirror your preferences. using customizable options and features. Manage your store effortlessly from D365 Business Central. Easily update images, product descriptions, and prices across all your marketplace apps and integrations simultaneously. The bi-directional capability allows easy update of details on both ends. When you update a product from Lazada, the change will also automatically reflect on your Business Central platform and vice versa.

Smooth Order Management

Streamline your business with Business Central: a single, powerful ERP solution. Centralize online and instore orders, track transactions, monitor stocks, and analyze sales across all your channels, offering comprehensive insights for strategic decision-making. Benefit from real-time inventory updates, and avoid redundant, erroneous data input by consolidating customer information from your website to your ERP database.

Effortless Payment Reconciliation

Experience seamless payment management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our solution centralizes payments from various marketplace apps and integrations – regardless of your payment gateway. Beyond mere collection, it efficiently issues official invoices directly through the ERP, streamlining your financial operations and ensuring accuracy and compliance in every transaction.

Seamless Logistics Tracking

Customers can select their preferred shipping method in the storefront, which is synchronized with Business Central’s Sales Order module. The freight charges calculated in the website are also reflected in the ERP database. Once orders are placed, the order status changes to “Pending / Processing”. Upon updating an order status to “Shipped”, Warehouse users can put shipment tracking numbers under the Delivery Note, which will be dispatched to the customers via automated notifications so the customer can track his/her shipments.

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