Fuel Efficiency in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing with Epicor ERP Software

Provide consistent service yet be flexible whether your manufacturing model is configure-to-order or engineer-to-order. Stay on top of plans, schedules, and product lifecycle with Epicor, an advanced ERP software for industrial machinery manufacturing built with CRM to help you maintain relationships with customers and drive profitability.

Epicor ERP Features Powering Industrial Machinery Giants

In an environment of ever-shifting markets, evolving customer demands, and perpetual supply chain dynamics, Epicor ERP software is designed with features to assist industrial machinery manufacturers in maximizing factory utilization, streamlining lead times, and making prudent investments in automation.

Flexible Order Methods

Epicor ERP has tools businesses need to make, move, sell, and service machinery, empowering them to deliver the quality and reliability their customers depend on. With Configure-to-Order capabilities, industrial machinery manufacturers can generate product configurations while integrating product costing, quoting, planning, scheduling, and production monitoring. Aside from this holistic approach, it has an Engineer-to-Order solution combining advanced Product Lifecycle Management and Project Management functionalities with the ERP suite, ensuring profitability from conception to delivery and beyond.

Advanced Material Management (AMM)

By extending the functionality of Data Collection, Advanced Material Management (AMM) facilitates queue requests for inventory movements of raw materials and work-in-progress (WIP), as well as order allocations and inventory reservations. Through AMM, transactions can be entered on data collection devices, minimizing data entry errors and accelerating processes through barcode scanning capabilities. Moreover, AMM enables users to establish pick faces with replenishment levels, triggering automatic inventory moves to ensure optimal stock levels and efficient material handling.

Centralized Product Lifecycle Management

This ERP for machinery manufacturing provides tools to manage product lifecycles, ensuring coordination from design to end-of-life. Epicor's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is seamlessly integrated into Kinetic so manufacturers can gain access to CAD data management, product data management (PDM), and technical document management. As a central repository, PLM documents processes and product history, enabling data exchange and full integration with various CAD and electronic design automation (EDA) systems for a streamlined workflow and enhanced document control.

Responsive Production Management

Epicor ERP offers a manufacturing control solution for make-to-order, engineer-to-order, and make-to-stock production processes. With features like Job Manager and Planning Workbench, manufacturers gain flexibility and visibility into production plans, allowing for efficient adjustments as demand fluctuates. Innovative scheduling tools enable proactive identification and elimination of bottlenecks, so operators can adjust job schedules accordingly. Supporting various scheduling methods, including forward, backward, finite, and infinite capacity, Epicor minimizes downtime by integrating machine and work center maintenance schedules with production schedules.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Technology

Deliver precise quotes with just a few clicks with Epicor CPQ. Once customers approve configurations, pricing and product build information seamlessly integrate into Kinetic, facilitating smooth transitions from quote to production. The system's intuitive interface allows for complex product configurations to be displayed on a single page, streamlining the quoting process. Additionally, Epicor's eCommerce functionality enables customer self-service, empowering clients to explore options and place orders conveniently, further enhancing the efficiency of the quoting process.

Kanban Project Management

Equipped with 4 types of Kanban, Epicor ERP for Industrial Manufacturing has project management capabilities that enable companies to have complete control over costs and logistics. Epicor's rules-based MRP combined with Kanban ensures flexible inventory management which allows you to plan for parts with long lead times, and replenish parts with little to no lead times. Additionally, you have the option to replenish inventory based on your minimums or future demand for optimal stock levels.

Integrated Mobile Operations

Through Epicor’s Data Collection module, inventory movements and labor entries are reported, providing management with real-time insights into production progress. Integrated with Job Management and Scheduling, it eliminates redundant data entry, reducing errors. Additionally, the Work Queues feature empowers employees with prioritized work schedules, eliminating the reliance on print-outs or instructions from management. With Epicor ERP, industrial machinery companies can embrace mobility to enhance productivity and responsiveness, ensuring smooth operations and greater control over their processes.

Intelligent Field Service Module

Manage and execute service contracts, dispatch, resource tracking, and work orders. With Epicor Field Service, manufacturers can contract, schedule, service, bill customers, and accommodate on-site repairs or installations via Service Management. Through visual scheduling and a mobile app, dispatchers can allocate technicians within specified time frames, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing travel time. For companies with advanced scheduling or large technician teams, Service Pro Optimized intelligently advises and automatically schedules assignments based on customer priorities, with features like technician status, spare parts inventory, and service history tracking, asset management, task management, warranty and contract visibility, and inspection capabilities.

Enhanced Supplier Relationship Management

Open a gateway for suppliers to access vital information via Epicor ERP software to streamline procurement and reduce reliance on traditional communication methods. Its Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) module integrates with various modules like Quote, Job, Inventory, and Purchase Management, as well as Supplier Connect. Within SRM, industrial manufacturing businesses can create and manage Requests for Quotations (RFQs) while Supplier Connect allows suppliers to review inventory levels, check payments, and process open POs and RFQs online.

Quality Inspection Process

Manufacturers gain access to all quality functions via Epicor ERP software’s Quality Assurance (QA) module, enabling management of raw materials and finished goods scrapping, as well as tracking first article inspections. Inspection queues are available for all materials requiring examination, facilitating streamlined inspection processes. Shop floor workers can easily add non-conforming parts to inspection queues, while inspectors have full disposition and corrective action follow-up capabilities, ensuring adherence to quality standards and continuous improvement throughout the manufacturing process.

Enterprise-Wide Supply Chain Collaboration

Eliminate working in silos and transform the way your organization engages with Epicor ERP system. It has Epicor Collaborate, a collaboration and productivity tool, offering cloud-based accessibility and features for simplified communication. This tool also facilitates bid and proposal preparation, project management, change control, and quality improvement initiatives. It’s also integrated with Microsoft Teams® to communicate with external stakeholders, while IoT notifications and integration with Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) and Data Discovery simplify access to critical information.

Data-Driven Business Insights

Gather indispensable insights into every facet of your operations. With the ability to build forecasts and pricing based on accurate costing even within engineer-to-order workflows, manufacturers can confidently navigate complex project requirements while maintaining profitability through Epicor ERP software. Leveraging machine data, you can schedule downtime proactively, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity. Additionally, it encompasses financial planning and analysis, sales management, inventory management, IoT integration, and business intelligence tools, providing a comprehensive platform for driving growth.

Dynamic Data Analytics

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) is a cloud-based service designed to transform data stored in Kinetic into actionable insights. By leveraging its intuitive interface, companies can explore large data sets and uncover valuable insights. EDA provides industrial manufacturing businesses with customizable and interactive dashboards featuring visual KPIs, graphs, charts, and tables, to analyze business performance. The EDA grid allows users to drill down data with a simple click, down to Kinetic transactions, thus facilitating informed decision-making.

Capitalize on the Benefits of Epicor ERP for Industrial Machinery

Integrated Systems for Unparalleled Visibility and Oversight

Bring interconnectedness to the forefront, and ensure consistent processes and enhanced control across all facets of your operations. By integrating Epicor ERP, manufacturers gain unparalleled visibility and oversight spanning critical areas such as product lifecycle management, engineering, inventory, production, customer service, field service, and finance. With a comprehensive suite of ERP, materials resource planning (MRP), and product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities, coupled with integrated inventory management and supplier relationship management, Epicor streamlines operations and optimizes efficiency.

Provide Personalized, High Quality Service with Case Management

The Case Management module provides personalized service, essential for commissioning and supporting products post-shipment. Offering time-saving links to customer-centric activities, such as generating quotes, processing return material authorizations, placing orders, scheduling field service jobs, or managing workflow tasks, Case Management streamlines operations and enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, social tools facilitate communication and problem resolution across various departments, including engineering, production control, quality and compliance, and service, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient resolution of customer issues.

Efficient Product Configuration Based on Customer Needs

Epicor ERP for Industrial Manufacturing has configuration and parametric features to ensure that customer requirements are met while enhancing the overall purchasing experience. With the Product Configurator integrated into Commerce Connect, all product options are displayed on a single page, streamlining the selection process for customers. This user-friendly interface eliminates the complexity of navigating multiple pages and customers can easily choose their desired product specifications. Fully integrated with Commerce Connect, the accepted configurations instantly flow to Kinetic which updates pricing and product build.

Adherence to Global Standards and Operations

Companies can now synchronize complex relationships related to supply, demand, and fulfillment, achieving new levels of business performance while adhering to global standards such as GTIN-14 and RoHS compliance. Epicor ERP for Industrial Machinery operations, empowers multi-site manufacturers to achieve maximum efficiencies in managing multiple sites across diverse geographical locations. By leveraging advanced technologies to streamline intra- and inter-company processes, manufacturers can compete effectively on both global and domestic fronts, and eliminate supply chain inefficiencies.

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