Epicor ERP: The Recipe for Growth of Food and Beverage Industry

Process manufacturers rely on ERP for food manufacturing for tighter production and inventory control, especially when manufacturing fresh produce. Epicor ERP for Food & Beverage industry ensures you deliver high quality products at low cost. Experience zero-waste, fast product turnaround, and track product shelf-life through traceability information.

Discover Epicor’s Key Features as ERP for Food and Beverage Industry

From batch traceability and recipe management to real-time inventory optimization, Epicor ERP’s tailored features equip food and beverage manufacturers to navigate stringent regulations, manage complex supply chains, and achieve unparalleled efficiency. See why Epicor is a trusted ally for the major industry players.

Automated Product Traceability

Epicor ERP is equipped with robust traceability capabilities so food and beverage businesses can respond effectively to audits or product recalls – safeguarding their reputation and financial stability. From batch quality inquiries to compliance with shelf life requirements, Epicor provides the flexibility and validation mechanisms necessary for manufacturers to maintain compliance across the supply chain. Moreover, the platform enables coordination of sales, production, and delivery through forecasting and scheduling tools, along with labeling of shelf life-sensitive products.

Advanced Raw Materials Handling

Epicor ERP offers advanced capabilities for raw materials handling throughout the production cycle. Food and beverage manufacturers can maintain consistency in their end products despite fluctuations in raw material quality with the ability to adjust recipes dynamically to accommodate variable quality ingredients. Moreover, the platform provides greater visibility of raw materials in work-in-progress (WIP), minimizing material losses and over-issuance. By managing items across the entire value chain, including yield, scrap, waste, co- and by-products, Epicor Kinetic enables precise control and planning of stock, production, packaging, and distribution.

Rigorous Quality Assurance and Control

Uphold the highest standard of quality. Epicor is designed as an ERP for the food and beverage industry, with quality assurance into every stage of fulfillment. This means defining precise quality specifications, implementing rigorous sampling, and meticulously recording QA test results. It dynamically links to material lots and product release controls, alongside quarantine control measures. Additionally, Epicor offers quality management, data modification auditing, product certificates of analysis, release, and traceability mechanisms including expiration date control.

Agile Planning and Production Management

From quote to dispatch, Epicor as your ERP for food and beverage manufacturing efficiently manages the entire production process, ensuring coordination of materials with production and demand. With features like Planning and Scheduling Forecasting, Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Scheduling and Resource Management, and Advanced Planning and Scheduling, it ensures timely delivery and minimizes product perishability. With Epicor, businesses experience enhanced collaboration among stock, production, and packaging/distribution departments, ultimately maximizing production capacity.

Accurate Financial Management

Comprehensive financial management including accounts receivable, credit, and collections management, general ledger, allocations, consolidations, and eliminations are all available in Epicor. Considered as the best ERP for the food and beverage industry, operators can manage cash flow and mitigate risks associated with customer payments. It’s also equipped with bank reconciliation and statement interfaces, ensuring visibility into liquidity positions. Similarly, accounts payable functionalities, including electronic funds transfer and automated order matching, ensure smooth transactions with suppliers.

Tighter Sales Management

A game-changer for the food and beverage industry, Epicor Kinetic offers tighter control over by-products to capitalize on additional sales opportunities. It adjusts processes in response to variable yields, so manufacturers can maximize profitability. Developed on a process-driven model, Epicor eliminates wastage of ingredients and products, making a significant impact on the bottom line. From sales estimation, quotation, order management, and demand forecasting, Epicor ERP enables businesses to improve margins, boost sales, and reduce costs.

Smart Inventory Management

By employing sophisticated scheduling and dynamic forecasting, Epicor ERP software liberates food and beverage production managers from traditional batch-driven material requirements planning (MRP), so they can operate while minimizing inventory levels. Its order management, retailer schedule integration, and automated replenishment, optimizes demand planning from base to end product. Additionally, Epicor’s automated production scheduling, with the option of MRP, ensures smooth inventory movements and backflushing, while offering superior work-in-progress (WIP) tracking and shop floor control.

Cutting-edge Business Intelligence and Reporting

Get precise insights into profit margins and expenditures, so you can pinpoint areas of opportunity. Through Epicor ERP for food and beverage, you can utilize sophisticated business intelligence tools to analyze what-if scenarios, and mine data and analytics. It unifies disparate data sources and breaks down organizational silos to deliver critical information and foster alignment. With advanced financial reporting, data warehousing, scorecards, KPI monitoring, intuitive trackers and dashboards, it empowers decision-makers to make informed choices.

Maximize the Benefits of Epicor ERP Software for the Food and Beverage Industry

Enhanced Production Visibility

Minimize wastage of short-shelf-life products with Epicor ERP system that helps you optimize the utilization of residuals and waste. With immediate visibility into production progress, businesses can mitigate dispatch shortages and ensure timely deliveries. Complete with an intuitive user interface, touch screen shop-floor data collection and supply chain integration, Epicor provides control and efficiency to food and beverage manufacturing businesses enabling operators to manage, improve, and maintain production at low cost with zero waste.

Multi-platform Delivery and Improved Mobility

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional ERP systems. Epicor offers flexibility and mobility by supporting a range of platforms including PC, laptop, handheld terminal, and tablet device, to ensure you have access to your data in the format you prefer – wherever you are. Facilitate customer service and sales through a mobile device or utilize Epicor via intuitive touch screen interfaces for plant floor production workflows and quality testing, improving efficiency in shipping, warehousing, and receiving.

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