Reshaping the Metal Fabrication Sector with Epicor ERP Software

Epicor is an ERP software designed to handle the processes of metal fabrication – from having dimensional inventory capabilities, to supporting methods for plating, heat treating, engraving and more, this ERP for the metal fabrication industry can help you manage costs and drive improvement in your operations.

Epicor Kinetic Features for Electronics Manufacturing

Faced with price fluctuations, volatile costs of raw materials, shorter product life cycles, and increasing competition, metal fabrication manufacturers seek solutions to enhance their operations. Discover why manufacturers rely on Epicor Kinetic’s advanced features in tackling these demands.

Robust Finance and Accounting Module

From accounts payable to accounts receivable, Epicor Kinetic ERP seamlessly handles all financial transactions with precision. With features for the metal fabrication sector, such as the ability to manage complex sales orders and track financial performance against production costs, you can maintain a clear overview of your business’ fiscal health. Its general ledger functionality ensures transparency and accuracy in all records, while its reporting capabilities provide valuable insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Flexible Supply Chain Management

Epicor’s Supply Change Management is vital for uninterrupted metal fabrication business processes, providing real-time insights across the entire order-to-cash value stream. With this functionality, you’ll receive purchase orders immediately, ensuring a timely procurement process. It also has a supplier portal solution that acts as a safeguard for your supply chain, preparing it for future uncertainties and ensuring long-term viability. By leveraging data-driven decisions, you can drive supply chain efficiencies while strengthening supplier relationships.

Seamless Production Management

With this ERP software you can automate repetitive tasks and reduce production cycle times. Through its suite of production management tools such as: Job Management, Advanced Production, Lean Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance, you can: optimize production scheduling, precisely track work orders, monitor shop floor activities real-time, and manage labor resources efficiently. Epicor Kinetic for metal fabrication also has an embedded workflow that ensures seamless coordination, from defining new products to managing smooth hand-offs between departments.

Embedded Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

Extend Epicor ERP’s capabilities with a reliable MES, packed with advanced features such as the ability to respond to built-in Statistical Process Control (SPC) quality failures. It gathers pulses directly from production equipment and automates data collection, giving operators instant insights on touch-screen interfaces. This helps ensure consistent output and allows users to proactively respond, eventually reducing downtime. Manage workflows with real-time alerts and ticketing, while you can use the Digital Twin tool to visualize shop floor data.

Next-Generation Quality Management

Maintain high standards with Epicor ERP’s Quality Management module. It streamlines quality control processes by facilitating inspections, managing non-conformances, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. The latest iteration of Advanced Quality Management offers a browser-agnostic application transforming data into actionable intelligence. Epicor AQM empowers companies to enhance competitiveness and profitability by achieving superior enterprise-wide performance, all while being compliant with industry standards such as ISO 9000, TS-16949, AS 9100, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485.

Detailed Engineering Change Control

In the metal fabrication industry, adapting to design changes is constant. Epicor Kinetic with its Engineering Change Control can manage these alterations to ensure smooth communications across engineering, production, and other departments. It facilitates change management, allowing multiple visions of products and optimized workflow. Moreover, it provides detailed cost analysis throughout the engineering processes plus an engineering workbench – a centralized hub to oversee all tasks related to modification, review, and approval of product assemblies.

Advanced Units of Measure

What sets Epicor Kinetic apart from its competitors is its Advanced Units of Measure feature. It addresses the unique needs of metal fabrication manufacturers because it is the only ERP software with a sophisticated measuring unit that not only tracks remnants but it can also accommodate dual units of measure and dimensional attributes. With this functionality, manufacturers from the metal fabrication industry can efficiently manage and track materials with precision and flexibility.

Insightful Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep the customers at the heart of your metal fabrication business. Epicor ERP has a CRM that gives you access to insightful data so you can foster long-term customer relationships. Quickly generate quotes using cost-based estimation. Go beyond traditional MRP rules by exploring various production scenarios, managing multi-resource constraints, and implementing capability-based scheduling. By digitizing each step and enabling customer sign offs, you can close the loop faster with customers every time there’s an inquiry.

Benefits of Epicor ERP Software for Metal Fabrication Industry

Grow Globally with Multiple Currencies

Epicor empowers metal fabrication manufacturers to thrive internationally and help them drive success on a global scale. Maintain operational flexibility across the globe with multi-currency, multi-language, and country-specific financial functionalities. Stay compliant and experience smooth transactions regardless of geographical boundaries with its multi-site capabilities and access to global services and support in 18 languages. Now you can penetrate new markets, adjust production strategies in response to customer demands, and navigate cross-border transactions with ease.

Transform Operations with Advanced Integrations

Stay at the forefront of technology. With embedded Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and integrated back-end financials, Epicor ERP streamlines operations and enhances visibility across the production process. Moreover, its product management tools can be integrated with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems to optimize product development and innovation; while its Customer Relationship Management (CRM), integration APIs, and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) capabilities facilitates customer engagement and quick delivery of proposals.

Thorough and Data-driven Planning and Scheduling

By integrating data from different sources within the ERP system, including inventory levels, production capacities, and customer demand forecasts, Epicor's Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module generates feasible production plans for metal fabrication manufacturers. Leveraging APS, businesses can take into account constraints like material availability, machine capacity, and workforce availability. Additionally, it provides visualization and what-if analysis, which simulates different scenarios and evaluates the impact on key metrics such as lead times, throughput, and resource utilization.


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