Epicor ERP Software: Leaner, Faster Production for Electronics Manufacturing

Whether you’re a subcontractor or deliver finished goods, Epicor understands the nature of the electronics and high tech industry. It’s an ERP software that optimizes the manufacturing supply chain to be leaner and more agile, and empowers the electronics industry to globally deliver products at full speed.

Epicor Kinetic Features for Electronics Manufacturing

No matter how complex your supply chain is, Epicor ERP offers functionalities to help you meet crucial lead times and distribution commitments. Be the first to launch products in the market, and achieve maximum profits.

Suite of Financial Management Tools

In the fast-paced world of electronics manufacturing, Epicor's Financial Management module offers indispensable features. From managing the General Ledger to automating Tax processes, handling Accounts Receivable and Payable, facilitating financial planning and analysis, and providing Financial Reporting – Epicor has it all. The inclusion of credit card payment processing, and credit and collections functionalities further enhances financial visibility. By leveraging these features, electronics manufacturers benefit from enhanced control over cash flow, ultimately driving greater profitability.

Lean Supply Chain and Production Management

Epicor empowers the electronics and manufacturing industry with an ERP software designed to achieve shorter lead times, reduce waste, and control product quality. It features product data management and traceability alongside Demand Management and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) collaboration for real-time customer demand implementation. With a variety of Kanban flows and lean manufacturing tools, Epicor fosters agility and efficiency, so you can meet customer demands for flexibility, frequent deliveries, and high-quality products at competitive prices.

Strategic Demand Planning and Scheduling

Prevent inventory obsolescence and minimize loss through a solution that enables accurate demand planning and forecasting for electronics and high-tech manufacturers. Epicor’s Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) gathers data from historical sources such as sales invoice and inventory history for accurate forecasting. It also calculates job completion via the Advanced Planning and Scheduling module with Job, Resource, and Multi-Resource scheduling boards to help businesses optimize their production and meet market demands.

Proactive Asset Management

Minimize downtime and optimize throughput, even before issues impact performance. Epicor ERP can generate real-time data that offers precise insights into equipment status and tool efficiency. With “production pulse” that generates comprehensive performance metrics like run rates, scrap, yield, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, each team member can get insights relevant to their needs and help pinpoint and tackle chronic loss.

End-to-End Customer Relationship Management

Prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain your status as a premier electronics and high tech supplier. Epicor Kinetic ERP has an embedded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that facilitates streamlined workflows from initial design to customer sign-off. Track quotes and manage contracts on the go with CRM Mobile, and seamlessly integrate it with Salesforce for enhanced efficiency. It has a suite of functionalities designed to put the demands of your customer first.

Comprehensive Sales Management Suite

Transition from subcontracting to selling finished goods with ease. In today's electronics and high tech industry, agility is non-negotiable. With short life cycle products and global competition, optimizing every manufacturing aspect is essential to stay ahead. From planning to after-sales, Epicor is an ERP software for the electronics industry with a Sales Management suite encompassing estimate, quote, and demand management, order processing and automation. Extend its capabilities by integrating it with your POS or eCommerce site.

Centralized Product Management

This electronics manufacturing ERP software module serves as your single source of truth. Keep product and process data centralized, and seamlessly collaborate and exchange data among engineers, product managers, sales, and QA. Epicor has tools such as change control, and the ability to integrate with PLM and CAD systems to accelerate innovation while maintaining control over build data. Minimize errors, and streamline the process of building customer specifications.

Outpace Competitors with Global Business Management

In the competitive landscape of electronics and high-tech manufacturing, expanding globally is crucial for reducing costs and staying ahead. However, managing complex multi-site operations presents challenges in supply chain, demand, and fulfillment. Epicor's Global Business Management solution addresses these by eliminating supply chain inefficiencies and synchronizing inter-company processes. Ensure rapid and clear communications across all levels, operate seamlessly across borders, compete locally and internationally, while adhering to global standards and compliance regulations.

Benefits of Epicor ERP Software for Electronics Manufacturing

Integrate to Over 1,000 Endpoints

The possibilities are endless. Epicor is the only ERP software for the electronics industry that is capable of connecting all your cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications. Using templates, you can integrate to 3rd party systems in days - not months. Powered by Jitterbit’s API Integration Platform, you can streamline workflows across your critical business applications, allowing you to consolidate data and automate processes across different functions including CRM, e-Commerce, Analytics, and 3PL/Logics.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Access over 400,000 pre-built workflow automations to get the value out of your technology stack. Electronics manufacturers can utilize Epicor’s low code, intuitive capabilities directly embedded in the ERP system to eliminate the headache of maintaining complex systems. Use self-service Epicor Automation Studio to implement automations across CRM, Sales, Finance, Production, Marketing, IT and other applications. Now, you can automatically take action on what’s important and scale from previously siloed systems.

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