Construction Industry’s Epicor ERP Software: Your Blueprint for Success

Simplify collaboration and task assignment to various engineers onsite. Epicor is the most reliable ERP software for the construction industry that can be integrated with other infrastructural technologies. Track projects while addressing schedule and productivity issues, with an efficient construction ERP software.

Highlighting Epicor Features as ERP Software for Construction and Engineering

Maintain a collaborative environment, while keeping an eye on all project developments regardless if you’re working remotely, on-site, or in the office. Explore why Construction and Engineering firms depend on Epicor as their ERP software of choice.

Agile Project Management Module

Revolutionize project oversight with Epicor, an ERP software built for the construction and engineering industry. It has an advanced Project Management module flexible to the unique challenges of custom projects and one-off builds. Aside from project planning, the module has scheduling, Gantt charts, milestone setting, and real-time progress monitoring. Leveraging this software, project managers can create quicker estimates, track subcontractor activities, manage budgets, allocate resources and monitor timelines – providing a clear overview of project statuses.

Bidirectional CAD & BIM Integration

Through CAD and BIM integration, Epicor ERP software facilitates bidirectional data exchange and collaboration between project teams and design professionals within the construction and engineering industry. It enables users to attach documents directly to CAD drawings, particularly beneficial for drawing-heavy projects like custom designs or one-off constructions. It ensures all information is readily accessible and simplifies implementation since users can access layered electronic drawings alongside work breakdowns, materials, and schedules – all within a centralized platform.

Centralized Document Management System

Epicor ERP’s Document Management System centralizes project documentation including drawings, RFIs (Requests for Information), change orders, and contracts. Whether managing complex drawings or crucial contractual agreements, it ensures that critical information is easily accessible and organized for collaboration among project stakeholders in the construction and engineering industry. With features such as version control, document approval workflows, and secure access controls, the document management functionality maintains data integrity and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Precise Job Costing Functionality

Through detailed insights into cost variances, profitability analysis, and budget comparisons from ERP systems, construction firms can make informed decisions to ensure project profitability. Epicor's Job Costing functionality stands as a cornerstone for effective cost management by offering capabilities for tracking project costs, including labor, materials, subcontractors, and overhead expenses. With Epicor, accurate tracking and analysis of project costs enable companies to maintain control over expenses and drive efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

Strategic Cost Estimation and Bidding

Facilitate accurate cost estimation and competitive bidding. Win more contracts with Epicor ERP’s Estimating and Bidding features for the construction and engineering industry. Leveraging historical data, industry benchmarks, and customizable templates, this ERP software enables users to create precise cost estimates, while its bid management capabilities streamline the bidding process and enhance visibility into historical bids. Additionally, Epicor's embedded CRM capabilities provide efficient bid management, ensuring smooth communication with clients throughout the process.

Extensive Financial Management

Epicor's Financial Management suite encompasses accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and fixed assets. It’s an indispensable ERP software for the construction and engineering sectors, offering tools for automated accounting processes, budget management, and financial reports. Epicor enables firms to oversee their financial operations, monitor expenditures, allocate costs, optimize cash flow, and evaluate project profitability. With its capacity for handling multi-currency transactions, it equips construction businesses to navigate intricate financial landscapes while meeting regulatory standards.

Data-driven Analytics and Reporting Module

Extract actionable insights from data using an ERP software for the construction sector. Epicor was designed with Analytics and Reporting capabilities with customizable dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and ad-hoc reports. Users can analyze project performance, identify trends, and proactively address issues for continuous improvement. By providing enhanced data visibility and facilitating real-time reporting and forecasting, Epicor's Business Intelligence tools enable project managers and stakeholders to stay informed and make critical decisions swiftly.

Efficient Management of Subcontractors

With Epicor ERP, construction and engineering firms can overcome logistical hurdles and foster efficient collaboration among subcontractors, to ultimately drive project success. In a scenario where global supply chain disruptions affect the availability of essential materials, Epicor's project management facilitates adaptive scheduling strategies, optimizes project timelines, and mitigates delays. By segmenting work into manageable phases, the ERP system ensures collaboration among subcontractors, navigating complex scheduling conflicts with ease.

Key Benefits of Epicor ERP Software for the Construction Industry

Easy to Set Up and Customizable Options

Epicor stands out as the top ERP software due to its accessibility facilitated by its user-friendly interface and readily available templates. With swift setup and intuitive features, the platform enables users to configure and implement projects effortlessly. Moreover, its customizable options ensure adaptability to the diverse needs of the construction industry, catering to other businesses such as contractors, subcontractors, and maintenance services. By embracing Epicor, construction firms can stay agile in response to evolving industry demands.

Cross-Department Collaboration Between Engineers and Managers

When a client requires a project completed within a tight deadline; Epicor's project management capabilities shine. From uploading estimates to the cloud for review, to recommending design changes based on client needs and ensuring timely project completion, Epicor revolutionizes project management by facilitating enhanced collaboration between engineers and managers. With mobile technology empowering on-site project managers to access real-time, accurate information, projects progress smoothly with increased commitment and accountability across the board.

Stay Connected Through Epicor’s Mobile App

Access project details, submit expense reports, capture job photos, and communicate real-time through Epicor’s dedicated mobile app. It extends beyond field service, as it provides on-the-go access to the entire ERP system. Field personnel can access project performance data, submit timecards, and relay updates in real-time, significantly enhancing collaboration throughout the project stages. With Epicor, the Construction and Engineering industry can embrace a new era of efficiency, ensuring stakeholders stay connected regardless of their location.


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