Drive Profitability with Epicor, the ERP Software for Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing businesses rely on Epicor ERP software to address production challenges such as reducing waste, improving lead time, quality management and multi-plant operations. Reach your targets and compete in the global vehicle market with a world-class ERP for the automotive industry.

Accelerate Growth Using Epicor Features for Automotive Manufacturing

Explore how the features of Epicor ERP respond to the complexities of new vehicle technologies, navigate demographic shifts, and address challenges in hybrid models and options – empowering over 800 automotive plants to thrive amidst the ever-evolving global market.

Automotive EDI Integration and Support

Epicor recognizes the critical role of Electronic Data Interchange in the automotive supply chain industry, with its support for major automotive OEMs and Supplier EDI. It has over 4000+ EDI maps readily available and adaptable in JSON, XML, and CXML formats, facilitating standardized exchanges of logistics information between OEMs and their extensive network of suppliers. By integrating EDI seamlessly with Epicor’s ERP technology, redundant processes are eliminated, communication is streamlined, and data accuracy is heightened.

Advanced Cradle to Grave Traceability

Utilize serialized bar-code labels in tandem with individual material containers. Epicor is an automotive manufacturing ERP that streamlines tracking processes without necessitating additional staff or custom software development. This approach not only ensures compliance but also supports tracking from cradle to grave, of crucial components such as lots, coils, heat numbers, or vendor serial numbers. With Epicor ERP's full serialization capabilities, many manufacturers experience a significant boost in inventory accuracy, often rendering physical inventories unnecessary.

Vehicle Sequencing

Epicor's In-Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) module is the ultimate solution for automotive suppliers grappling with sequencing challenges. Seamlessly integrated into your operations, ILVS empowers you to manufacture and deliver parts precisely when needed and in the correct build sequence for renowned OEMs such as GM, Chrysler®, Ford®, Honda®, and Toyota®. Supporting broadcast and EDI production sequence, this advanced module incorporates Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and Sequence Numbers based on your defined rules for each partner.

Unparalleled Planning and Scheduling Tools

In the fast-paced automotive industry, efficient purchase control is critical to meeting production deadlines and maintaining supplier relationships. Epicor recognizes the challenges of planning and scheduling, where delays can incur premium shipment costs and impact supplier ratings. It offers a suite of planning and scheduling tools deeply integrated into the system – from forecasting to material requirements planning (MRP) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS), to ensure operators remain agile and responsive to market demands.

Rigorous Quality Control Module

As an automotive manufacturing ERP, Epicor is a game-changer with core tools like APQP, PPAP, and FMEA. Whether it's a simple visual check or a more intricate measurement using specialized tools, operators can input inspection results directly into the system which undergoes rigorous scrutiny against predefined tolerance levels. Swiftly identify conforming parts or necessary corrective actions whether they require holding, scrapping, or marking for rework. Receive timely prompts for inspections and adhere to quality standards.

Embedded Kanban Control

Forward-thinking automotive manufacturers committed to implementing lean methodologies trust Epicor ERP to drive efficiency and enhance their overall business performance. It has an embedded lean Virtual Kanban functionality that effectively manages various types of electronic signals for Kanban Control. By integrating systems from office to plant floor, Epicor minimizes wasted resources and maximizes productivity. Furthermore, it supports cell-based strategies enabling the deployment of demand-pull systems based on replenishment principles for just-in-time (JIT) materials.

Automated and Connected Factory

Epicor ERP is equipped with OPC client, a powerful tool that enables automatic collection of machine data, automating processes such as part changeovers, production tracking, scrap management, and shift changes. With seamless integration into the CMS event-based production module, this collected information can be fully or partially updated real-time, ensuring operations remain agile and responsive. By leveraging automation for tasks like quantity reporting and serial label printing, the potential for human error is greatly reduced.

Innovative Visual Factory

Designed for effortless deployment, Epicor’s Visual Factory operates directly in a web browser, facilitating easy access across shop floors through large monitors or android tablets strategically positioned for optimal visibility. This innovative tool empowers automotive manufacturing supervisors with instant diagnostics, offering real-time insights into machine performance – allowing them to swiftly address potential issues and allocate resources effectively. Moreover, operators are incentivized to maintain peak performance levels as they can diligently monitor metrics provided by the Visual Factory.

Integrated Financial Management

Navigating global competition and stringent regulatory requirements demands a powerful financial management system. Epicor ERP for automotive manufacturing offers more than mere record-keeping capabilities; it integrates financial and operational data which automatically collects, organizes, and presents information in clear, concise, and often comparative formats. Epicor’s Financial Management module provides access to real-time fiscal insights with a proven track record of success across manufacturing plants in over 23 countries.

The Benefits of Epicor ERP Software to Drive Success in the Automotive Industry

Save Money on Reduced Freight Cost

In the fast-paced automotive industry, timely and precise shipping isn't just about maintaining cash flow—it's crucial for supplier ratings and fostering business opportunities. Epicor ERP understands the unique demands placed on automotive manufacturers, particularly customer shipping schedules, labeling, and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs). If escalating expedited freight costs are a concern, this platform offers integrated controls to ensure on-time deliveries and consistently meet shipping requirements – so you can confidently navigate the complex automotive supply chain.

Consistently Meet Complex Customer Demands

As quality standards and compliance requirements continue to evolve and become complex, companies face increasing pressure to meet customer demands. Epicor ERP offers a comprehensive suite of tools to support compliance with Minimum Process Requirements (MPR), MMOG/LE standards, and customer-specific EDI. Aside from helping you achieve and maintain high MMOG/LE ratings, Epicor is equipped with Production Quality Alerts, Built-in Control Plans, Online Inspections, Serialized Inventory, RF Scanning, Supplier Portals and a lot more.

Take Advantage of its Robust Technology Framework

Epicor ERP delivers a suite of application interfaces founded on web services architecture, ensuring longevity and safeguarding investments in software and services for years to come. Beyond the advantages of speed, stability, and reusability, web services facilitate electronic collaboration within midsize automotive manufacturers' supply chains. They are indispensable tools with their applications built on service-oriented architecture (SOA). This makes Epicor flexible by simplifying the integration of established infrastructures and mitigating the challenges associated with acquisitions and mergers.

Professional Services Specific to Your Industry

A strategic implementation methodology is the cornerstone of a successful business solution. Epicor offers the most efficient approaches to planning, designing, validating, and deploying ERP solutions while reducing the total cost of ownership. With a dedicated team of trained professionals, it adheres to a proven methodology tailored to the customer needs. The outcome is a timely and budget-conscious implementation of your solution, enabling you to swiftly integrate Epicor ERP into your day-to-day operations.

Extensive Support for Global Operations

Managing multiple sites globally is challenging. With competitive pressures prompting expansions into regions with lower labor costs and a rise in plant consolidations, companies are increasingly operating disparately. Epicor ERP boasts multisite capabilities supported by a global presence, while ensuring you receive necessary local support. By leveraging advanced technologies to streamline intra- and inter-company processes, it empowers manufacturers to compete globally and domestically while eliminating supply chain inefficiencies. Synchronize supply, demand, and fulfillment across your extended enterprise.


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