Harness the Power of AI and Forecasting with MD365 Business Central

Foresee both independent demand from sales orders and dependent demand from customer orders. With AI and predictive insights, you can enhance your production, inventory, and warehouse management agility. Dynamics 365 Business Central – Copilot and AI innovation offers real-time planning powered by data analytics and logistics, boosting operational efficiency and quality while managing costs. This solution also offers an advanced rule for demand forecast reduction based on historical transaction summaries. Visualize, adjust, and accurately calculate forecast with ease.

Leverage the Copilot and AI Innovation of Dynamics 365
Business Central

Create statistical baseline forecasts from historical data

Generate statistical baseline forecasts through analyzing historical data. By utilizing Dynamics 365 Business Central - Copilot and AI innovation, businesses can predict demand patterns, allowing them to proactively align resources, optimize production, and enhance inventory management. By leveraging historical insights, they can make informed decisions for effective planning.

Employ a dynamic range of forecast dimensions

Utilize a versatile set of forecast dimensions with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This dynamic approach allows organizations to consider multiple variables when forecasting demand. By incorporating various sizes, such as market trends and customer behavior, they can create more accurate forecasts for optimized production and inventory strategies.

Visualize demand patterns, confidence intervals, and forecast adjustments

With Microsoft D365 Business Central, gain insights into demand patterns, confidence intervals, and forecast adjustments. This visual perspective enables users to understand market fluctuations, estimate the certainty of predictions, and fine-tune forecasts as needed. Such visualization empowers informed decision-making for agile production and inventory management.

Authorize adjusted forecasts for planning

Empower planning processes by approving adjusted forecasts with Dynamics 365 Business Central. This capability ensures that forecast modifications are validated and incorporated into the planning strategies. By authorizing adjustments, businesses can more effectively align their production, inventory, and resource allocation to meet demand fluctuations.

Eliminate outliers

Remove outliers from your forecasting process using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This feature helps identify and exclude unusual data points that could skew predictions. Eliminating outliers ensures that your forecasts are based on accurate and representative historical data, leading to more reliable planning decisions.

Measure forecast accuracy

Quantify the precision of your forecasts through accurate measurement with Dynamics 365 Business Central - Copilot and AI innovation. This functionality assesses how closely projected demand aligns with actual outcomes. By gauging forecast accuracy, organizations can continuously refine their planning strategies, enhance production efficiency, and maximize resource allocation for optimal business performance.

This transformational AI technology from Microsoft Business Central empowers organizations to optimize operations, anticipate market demands for timely product delivery and resource allocation, as well as make informed decisions for business success.

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