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Produmex Scan Is the #1 Barcode Scanning Solution for SAP Business One Customers

SAP Business One users are looking for a barcode scanning solution that can help them automate their warehouse and inventory transactions. Produmex Scan is designed to meet the needs of SAP Business One customers, whether dealing with dozens or hundreds of transactions per day. It's a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions in real-time. The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions while maintaining high performance.


Produmex Scan Features

Optimizing Warehouse Storage

Produmex Scan will help you streamline the way you manage storage locations for your inventory. It does this using SAP Business One bin locations, which helps you prioritize your stock based on expiration dates, locations, and much more. It ensures that you have a real-time and accurate view of where inventory is stored in the warehouse.

Increasing Efficiency Inbound, Internal, and Outbound Logistics

Produmex Scan was designed to work seamlessly real-time with your warehouse systems using SAP Business One’s transactions. It means that you’ll have the ability to manage the logistics of materials inbound, internally, and outbound with ease. These processes will be less time-consuming and more cost-effective.

Accurate Storage Management

In many industries, items must be kept in designated storage locations. Maintaining records of your products and getting them to an optimal storage area is essential for the security and protection of both yourself and your company. You can accomplish this with Produmex Scan, which allows you to fine-tune the process so that you can store items in an adequate storage location.

Precise Data Entry

Using advanced barcode scanning technology, Produmex Scan ensures that inventory is recorded accurately and inputted in real-time, reducing errors in manual data entry. RF-based operations based on correctly identifying received, picked, and packed products are faster and 100% accurate, leading to lower operating costs.

Reduced Delivery and Return Expenses

The goal of fulfillment is to get the right items to the correct consumers at the right time. Produmex Scan minimizes the time and expense of return handling by streamlining the process of selecting and packing items correctly, expediting delivery times, and preventing costly and time-consuming returns handling.

Support for Standard SAP Business One Production Operations

Produmex Scan supports standard SAP Business One production operations. It includes issues and picking for production and receipts from production on the Produmex Scan RF Terminal for all types of inventory items (serial, batch, or managed by non), UOM’s, and bin- and non-bin controlled warehouses.

Produmex Scan Benefits

Real-time Overview of Your Documents in One Place

  • All documents and processes linked to the complete supply chain of your business will be available at any time.
  • Work faster and more efficiently with streamlined operations throughout your warehouse.
  • Always have access to an overview of expected goods receipts, sales orders, and pick lists.

Always Be on Time

  • Allows your warehouse employees to focus on what matters most—serving customers on time.
  • As soon as an order is received, it can be assigned to a location in Produmex Scan's system.
  • Employees will know exactly where the product needs to go and where it is at all times to ensure it arrives on time.

Support for Cycle Counting and Replenishment

  • Has features that help with cycle counting and replenishment
  • Helps minimize stock outages at pick locations and guarantee inventory accuracy at storage sites.
  • With various options are available: Blind counting, Quick counting, Guided counting and Counting based on an inventory counting document in SAP Business One.

Staff Authorization Management

  • Employees are only allowed to perform tasks that belong to their job responsibilities through the authorization function.
  • Enables users to fine-tune SAP Business One's permissions through several default forms.
  • Ensures every operator in the warehouse is authorized to execute the tasks.

Transparent Internal Logistics

  • Scan the inventory to immediately execute a stock transfer without submitting an inventory transfer request in SAP Business One.
  • Internal logistics processes are done without unnecessary steps.

Know Exactly What You Have in Stock at All Times

  • Maintain an efficient, up-to-date inventory.
  • Get accurate information on what you have in stock at any moment by having a complete view of your warehouse and its location.

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