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It's Time to be an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business One!

Top ERP System for SMEs

Centralize Your Operations Using the Trusted Features of SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the market specifically built for SMEs like you. With SAP B1, you can centralize and integrate your operations – from Financial Management, Sales & Customer Management, Purchasing & Inventory Control, Production Planning, Business Intelligence, and Analytics & Reporting.

SAP Business One has the power to integrate all core business functionalities across your entire company. Unlike other business management software that claim to be a complete solution for growing companies, this program is powerful enough to eliminate the need for separate installations, multi-software use, and complex integration of multiple modules no matter what your industry is.

With SAP Business One, you can:

Improve efficiency and productivity

Do all core business functions in a single, scalable system. Have the power to accurately monitor data, minimize errors, avoid redundancies, and eliminate delays in the long run to make it possible for you and your employees to do more in less time.

Act on problems immediately

Access critical business information instantly using built-in analytics tools with improved visibility and tracking of key performance indicators, to help you make smarter, faster, and more precise decisions that will affect your company’s standing in the industry.

Keep track of your customers

Gain entry to a centralized information of all your clients – making customer communication easier. Increase the chances of a repeat customer and have a better understanding of your target market with SAP’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature.

Integrate easily

Support 100 to 1 million transactions, enable new business models, and make way for international expansion with SAP’s ability to integrate with over 300+ third party apps – letting you experience a consolidated way of doing business.

Access the #1 ERP Software for SMEs On Your Workstation

SAP is an ERP software designed specifically to answer the needs of growing businesses worldwide; giving them total control over management functions such as accounting & financials, sales & customer relationship management, purchasing & operations, inventory, and reporting & administration.

SAP Products


2 users

SAP Business One
Starter Package

Take the first step towards SAP Business One through our 2 user Package. This is a complete package that lets you do more than just accounting and inventory.


3 users

SAP Business One
Starter Package

Enhance your capability to run and simplify your business with our 3 user SAP Starter Package. This package even includes a BIR Module (Withholding Tax Reports 2307, 1601E, 1604E) which will help you become compliant with tax regulations.


5 users

SAP Business One
Starter Package
Strengthen your business capabilities with our newest SAP Starter Package with 5 user access. This package will enable your business to have greater control of your system and distribute the workload to more people. Only SAP Philippines offers an affordable multi-user SAP Starter Package that is tailored fit for businesses like you.

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