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Ensure Business Continuity with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud based ERP system that empowers businesses like you to transform your entry-level accounting software, or legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, into a comprehensive solution to connect sales, service, finance, and operations teams - helping you adapt faster and deliver profitable results.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s ability to grow with you, working wherever your business takes you is now possible. It has full capabilities that lets you do business on your desktop, tablet, or mobile, on-premise or in the cloud, across Windows, Android, and iOS devices. In addition to that, you can scale and perform as you grow using modern technologies built on the Microsoft cloud -- such as machine learning, data encryption, IoT, and mixed reality, to help you adapt to market dynamics.

Business Central supports over 25 languages, localization, and has no-code user interface changes. For added flexibility, you can extend the solution using applications within the Microsoft ecosystem. This cloud-based ERP software is an advanced business program, integrated with smart functionalities, which delivers relevant information that your enterprise needs to identify new trends, prevent recurring issues, and ensure great customer engagements.

Stay Connected and Productive with

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central’s Powerful Features

Boost Customer Service

Automatically register shipped goods as service items and keep the required details in one place so both sales and service teams can respond quickly to inquiries. It also gives you the ability to effectively assign personnel to work orders, while you get an overview of service tasks and workloads. Keep track of service agreements to deliver reliable service to your customers.

Next-level Project Management

With Business Central, you can better manage projects using timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting. Develop and modify detailed budgets to help ensure project profitability. Moreover, you can optimize resource levels by planning capacity and sales and tracking customer invoicing against planned or actual costs on orders and quotes.

Build Better Supply Chain Relationships

Build better relationships with suppliers, convert the best offers to orders, and ensure compliance of internal and external policies with process governance and approvals. You also have a holistic view of your inventory, and have the capability to predict when to replenish stocks based on actuals, demand, and availability. These are made possible by Business Central’s built-in intelligence, sales forecasts, and expected stock-outs that automatically creates purchase orders.

Accelerate Your Sales Process

Keep track of customer interactions and get guidance on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle. You can also offer flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and groups of customers, quickly access details about prices, delivery dates, product availability, and fulfillment status. What’s more, you can increase your cash flow by rightsizing inventory and maximizing the lifespan and governance of asset capitalization.

Optimize Warehouse Management

You can set up bins and zones in Business Central to reflect the layout of your warehouse, including its racks and shelves, streamline receiving and capacity organization, expedite docking and shipping, and lastly, use real-time data on every item’s zone, bin, and quantity to better fulfill your customers’ orders.

Provide Accurate Manufacturing Outputs

Implement manufacturing processes according to plan, even in agile and complex environments. Microsoft’s Business Central lets you create detailed bills of materials, support assembly-to-order, as well as register consumption and output across multiple bills of materials and routes. Moreover, it reconciles scrap or deviations in consumption and output.

Streamline Financial Management

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can better manage your cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgeting, and project costing while shortening cycle times with the late payment–prediction extension. You can also make better financial decisions by using built-in reports, Excel, or Microsoft Power BI and unlimited data dimensions to get real-time cash flow, identify financial patterns, analyze trends, and improve business planning. It is now also easier to reduce month- and year-end closing times with connected general ledger, accounts receivables, payables, and fixed assets data.

Work Smarter and Faster

Access business intelligence when and where you need it, with real-time dashboards and KPIs for each user role. Business Central also has the functionalities to improve outcomes and productivity with real-time system suggestions based on historical data, to guide your employees through workflows. Lastly, you can link your business data to Microsoft Outlook and Excel and simplify work by installing the Business Central app in Microsoft Teams to share business data within your Teams chats.

Watch How Business Central Can Keep Your Business Connected

Business Central is a proven cloud-based ERP solution that has successfully served over 160,000 customers and millions of users worldwide. By boosting their efficiency, showcasing actionable and real-time insights, and unifying business functions, SMEs like you can take total control of your processes while improving customer relations and enabling growth. See more Microsoft Dynamics Business Central features by watching this video.

System Requirements

The following tables show the minimum system requirements for using Business Central in a browser.

Recommended browsers:

  • New Microsoft Edge for Windows
  • Google Chrome for Windows (77.0 or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox for Windows (69.0 or later)
  • Safari for macOS (12.0 or later)

Other supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge Legacy

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in the browser.

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office 2019, or Microsoft Office 2016.

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office 2019, or Microsoft Office 2016.

Excel 2019, Excel 2016, or Excel Online.

Microsoft Office 2019, Microsoft Office 2016, or Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Office 2019, Microsoft Office 2016, or Microsoft 365.

If you experience problems using the Business Central Web client, you can try to turn off browser tools, such as translator tools that may run in the background.

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