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Align Your Sales Team and Organize Your Leads Efficiently with Pepper Cloud CRM

Experience a smarter way in growing and keeping in touch with your customer base thru Pepper Cloud CRM. The perfect time to organise your sales team is during the peak of your growth. With this cloud-based CRM solution, you can access real-time updates on your sales funnel, provide personalized marketing campaigns to your clients, and gain a bird’s- eye view of your sales, marketing, and service teams’ performance instantly.

Trusted by hundreds of businesses across different industries around the world, Pepper CRM empowers you to get your customer data and client interactions on track. It gives you unprecedented access to these information through a single, intuitive, and cloud-based platform that works on any device. Hence, your day-to-day sales tasks can be automated and monitored seamlessly. Now, keeping up with the progress of your sales pipelines is made easier with real-time notifications and active reminders that keep you on top of all your activities and deals. Moreover, this CRM system has the ability to forecast upcoming sales projections, filter data on demand, and present real-time information on your dashboard.

With various customizable options and built-in tools, Pepper Cloud CRM helps you to build a smarter business with agile sales and marketing teams. It’s time you uncover insights, increase profitability, and manage data within your organization by leveraging a feature-rich customer relationship management system.

Simplify the Way Your Teams Handle Every Level of Your Sales Funnel with

Pepper Cloud CRM

Effortless Setup and Navigation

Pepper CRM has a smooth and user-friendly interface which allows your sales, marketing, and service teams to easily navigate and work effortlessly in closing business deals. In addition to that, you can capture your business requirements by creating custom fields in the entry forms. The captured leads goes through your customized the sales pipeline, which can be viewed and assigned based on your hierarchy setup. Migrating your existing database into the system is also made simple through CSV or Excel file formats.

Proven, Native Integration

Unite your workforce around your prospects and engage your customers throughout their lifecycle by creating native integrations with the apps you trust. This CRM solution can be integrated with hundreds of software like MailChimp – allowing you to directly send newsletters to your database – Excel, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, WhatsApp, and Google Drive to mention a few. Now, you can seamlessly provide connections between your sales and marketing departments.

Efficient Sales Pipeline Management

The end-to-end sales pipeline management features enable you to organise, track, and streamline your sales process. The coherent and sensible built-in visuals also empower you to view the deals in their stages clearly within the sales funnel. Pepper Cloud lets you focus on the right deals at the right time by showing you stagnant leads in the funnel. It also helps you monitor if your sales team is hitting their targets by allowing you to easily filter data by user, department, or by product for over a specific period of time. You can also view or tag previous and current deals under a particular company on-the-go; while improving interdepartmental coordination by sharing key information about your client’s transactions.

Robust Data Security in the Cloud

With Pepper CRM’s robust security architecture, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure against any kind of theft or loss. It protects your data at multiple levels through various multi-layered data security methods such as Two-Factor Authentication via Google or Microsoft which lets you pair your mobile device to the program. The 2FA can generate a QR code and provide One-Time Password (OTP) to verify user identity every time there is a request to login. Other types of security features include password reset through email or the ability to set up roles which limits permission and visibility per user. This means that not everyone can view, edit, delete, access, or export sensitive data.

Comprehensive CRM Dashboard

Monitor your workflow process by viewing reports and analyzing the key performance metrics in one place. With your at-a-glance dashboard, tracking sales, leads, activities, and analyzing campaign performance can be done swiftly through visually rich and interactive charts. In addition to that, your dashboard allows you to see the number of opportunities lost or won, their projected value, lead sources, average days it takes to close deals, sales leaderboard, and more.

Easy to Setup Web Forms

With a simple drag-and-drop option in Webform editor, you can create and customise web forms from scratch. Get a live preview of the form as you design, adjust it as you want, and capture visitor details on your website or social media channels with ease. Moreover, you can automatically add them as leads in the CRM tool and assign them to the right salesperson in no time.

Accurate Sales Projections Forecasts

Pepper CRM allows you to assign winning probability based on the sales stage or opportunity type. This enables you to have efficient sales planning and for you to see the opportunities that are likely to close first so you can immediately work on them.

Hassle-free Email Connection

Switching between different tabs can be cumbersome for your sales team. With Pepper Cloud CRM, you can effortlessly connect your Gmail or Office 365 inboxes – providing you with complete access to your messages and contacts without leaving the CRM platform.

See Pepper Cloud CRM
in Action

Pepper Cloud, a cloud-based CRM tool, is a simple yet powerful software for customer relationship management. It has hundreds of features and functionalities such as Lead Management, Account, Contact and Opportunity Management, Activity Management, and Custom Pipelines to mention a few. Watch this video to know more about how Pepper CRM can help improve your leads organization.

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