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Customer Support - Now Made Smarter and Simple with Freshdesk CRM

If you’re looking for a simple help desk software that is powerful and capable
without being expensive or complicated, you’re in the right place.

With over 40,000 customers from different industries and a 100% satisfaction rating, Freshdesk is considered as the frontrunner in customer service management and ticketing software. Freshdesk is a reliable help desk tool that empowers you to nurture your relationship with your clients.

Freshdesk allows you to automate your customer support from dispatching tickets to resolution, and make sure everything is categorized, assigned, and prioritized correctly. This is a better and more organized option than handling customer queries and support requests through email. Freshdesk Ticketing System is powered by Artificial Intelligence which delivers instant and precise answers to your customer’s questions for faster resolutions. It also enables relevant solutions to pop up for customers and save time for your agents.

Both agents as well as customers find Freshdesk as a smart, collaborative, and easy to use platform. If you’re looking for a simple help desk software that is powerful without being complicated and capable without being expensive, you’re in the right place.

Win Customers for Life with the Best Help Desk System Features

Enterprise-grade Data Security

Freshdesk accounts come with custom SSL certificates that let you secure your own support domain or vanity URL for a safe and personalized experience. You can also whitelist IP ranges, restrict login access outside of work, or create secure and exclusive access for agents to login from anywhere by linking IP whitelisting to a VPN (virtual private network). However, for identity and user management, you can let agents and users login to Freshdesk using their other accounts by setting up a single sign on (SSO) script to authenticate their credentials.

Ticketing Made Easy

Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so you never lose track of them. You can manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels in one inbox, ensure that multiple agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket, and provide consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies. Moreover, Freshdesk makes it easy for you to create custom statuses that suit your workflow and set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different business hours or categories.

Give Support Across All Channels

Unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform. With Freshdesk, you can convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve. It also enables you to engage with customers thru live chat, set-up a fully functional call center, and integrate your social media accounts to manage messages within the help desk.

Manage Your Field Team Effortlessly

Manage your end-to-end field service operations right within Freshdesk. Through the dashboard, you can also drag and drop appointments, assign tasks and get a bird’s-eye view of your field team’s workload. In addition to that, you can create field technician groups based on location, or prioritize tickets to reduce waiting time and boost first-time fix rates.

Improve Efficiency

Identify problems, plan based on metrics, and improve help desk performance by gauging how customers feel about your support thru customer satisfaction reports. You can also monitor your helpdesk using real-time data about tickets, trends and groups. Freshdesk also has the ability to schedule default and custom reports to receive in your inbox periodically. Lastly, you can customize the widgets in your reports to exhibit the look and feel of your brand.

Increase Productivity

Leverage Freshdesk’s built-in capabilities to notify customers and agents automatically about the changes happening in their ticket. It can auto-assign emails, chats and calls to your agents based on their available bandwidth to support customers faster. Moreover, Freshdesk has a feature that appoints tickets to agents based on their current workload or skill. You also have the option to use the round robin method to randomly route them.

Complete Customization Capabilities

Customize the look and layout of your support portal with full CSS customization and ready-made themes. You can also customize the ticket forms, URL, and the customer segments to provide personalised support by classifying them based on their needs. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to build and integrate custom apps to carry out workflows that are unique to your business.

Resolve Issues Together

Work together as a team to quickly and efficiently solve customer problems by discussing specific parts of tickets with experts across your company to figure out the best solution. What’s more, you’ll also have the capability to share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue.

Keep Track of Your Customer's Needs With A Cloud-based Helpdesk System

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Freshdesk Products


1 user

Freshdesk Garden
Get all the features available in Freshdesk Blossom but with the additional functionalities for Time Tracking, CSAT Surveys, Performance Reports, and Multilingual Knowledge Base. It also has added features for the Creation and Installation of Custom Apps.


1 user

Freshdesk Estate
Experience the combined features of Blossom & Garden, but new capabilities to do Round-robin Routing, Assigning of Roles, Portal Rebrand, Custom Reports & Dashboards, Customer Segments, Versioning in Knowledge Base, & Dynamic Ticket Forms.


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Freshdesk Forest
The most comprehensive and inclusive Freshdesk plan ever. Now, you’ll also get advanced features like Skill-based Routing, Sandbox for Testing, Audit Log, Knowledge Base Approval Workflow, Agent Shifts Globally, IP Whitelisting, Agent Scripts, Email Bot, Auto-triage, Article Suggester, and HIPAA Compliance.

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