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Align Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Using CRM & Ticketing Systems

As your business enters the phase of rapid growth, it can be easy for you to get overwhelmed and lose sight of valuable leads — which in turn can cause some significant loss for your business. However, with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, you can collect, organize, and manage all of your customer-related information and keep track of your customer’s buyer journey. A Ticketing System on the other hand, can help you monitor and resolve customer concerns as well as provide a channel for your clients to raise issues.

By streamlining communication between your sales, marketing, and support teams, your customers will experience a personalized and consistent service that makes them want to remain loyal to your brand. These systems can automate day-to-day tasks which may include data entry and contact record updates after every interaction, as well as follow-up communication, email sequences, sales and support workflows, lead-to-representative assignments, lead nurturing campaigns, campaign and support tickets analytics, and more.


It’s time to identify new opportunities, build invaluable business relationships with your customers, and convert leads to win business deals effortlessly. With Pepper Cloud CRM, you can empower your teams to deliver the best customer experience to your new and existing clients.

Pepper CRM is a cloud-based tool that empowers you to take control of your sales pipelines efficiently, add new leads, and categorize your customer data effortlessly. By using a feature-rich customer management tool like this, you can enhance and personalize your products & services based on the consolidated, real-time data coming into your system.

In addition to that, staying on top of the day-to-day tasks and activities of individuals in your team is also simplified via an intuitive dashboard. Through this you can see all the latest progress of your leads and opportunities while knowing who the top performers are through the sales leaderboard section. Pepper CRM is a smart tool that eliminates your worry of having data duplication or unnecessary data entry. Now, business expansion and profitability can be swiftly achieved because you’ll distinguish opportunities to upsell and cross-sell on-the-go.


Chosen by over 40,000 customers as their most trusted help desk software, Freshdesk boasts a powerful suite of features built into a smart platform where your teams can just sign in and start resolving customer issues right away.

With Freshdesk, you can do customer service intelligently. It’s now easier to streamline your support with automation that works around the clock - making your support process as smooth as possible. Moreover, you can bring your own customizations, workflows, and fields into the support center software to suit your team’s unique routines and create custom statuses to identify exactly where a ticket is caught up. Additionally, you are able to create rules to respond to situations accordingly. With custom roles, you can decide what each agent on your team sees in the helpdesk with selective permissions. You can also tailor your support center software to feel exactly like your brand so that your customers get a seamless experience.

Lastly, Freshdesk can be integrated with over 300 apps including G Suite, Mailchimp, Slack, and Trello. The Freshdesk Marketplace allows you to share information between all the tools you use, improving collaboration between different business functions.


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Freshdesk Garden
Get all the features available in Freshdesk Blossom but with the additional functionalities for Time Tracking, CSAT Surveys, Performance Reports, and Multilingual Knowledge Base. It also has added features for the Creation and Installation of Custom Apps.


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Freshdesk Estate

Experience the combined features of Blossom and Garden, but new capabilities to do Round-robin Routing, Assigning of Roles, Portal Rebrand, Custom Reports & Dashboards, Customer Segments, Versioning in Knowledge Base, and Dynamic Ticket Forms.



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Freshdesk Forest
The most comprehensive and inclusive Freshdesk plan ever. Now, you’ll also get advanced features like Skill-based Routing, Sandbox for Testing, Audit Log, Knowledge Base Approval Workflow, Agent Shifts Globally, IP Whitelisting, Agent Scripts, Email Bot, Auto-triage, Article Suggester, and HIPAA Compliance.

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