Manage Your Projects with Microsoft D365 Business Central

Project Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central presents a powerful tool for effectively monitoring, steering, and reporting on projects—both straightforward and intricate. It empowers you to handle resources with precision while overseeing project aspects from financial to operational, all while keeping a firm grip on resource allocation and management.

Discover the Resource and Project Management Functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Resource Management

Resource Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines resource allocation and oversight. This feature ensures optimal use of assets, personnel, and materials. By enabling precise control over resource allocation, it enhances efficiency, minimizes wastage, and empowers businesses to deliver projects effectively within allocated resources.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central optimizes resource utilization. This feature maximizes the effective deployment of available assets, workforce, and capabilities. By intelligently distributing tasks based on capacity, it ensures balanced workloads, reduces bottlenecks, and enhances overall operational efficiency, resulting in smoother project execution and resource optimization.

Cost and Price Management

Cost and Price Management within Dynamics 365 Business Central provides financial control. This capability empowers businesses to comprehensively handle pricing strategies, expense tracking, and cost allocation. Providing a detailed view of financial aspects enables informed decision-making, accurate pricing, and effective cost regulation to enhance profitability and business sustainability.

Job Lifecycle Management

Job Lifecycle Management in Project Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures seamless project progression. This feature guides projects from initiation to conclusion, overseeing every stage. By offering a structured approach to planning, execution, and monitoring, it enhances project visibility, minimizes delays, and fosters successful project outcomes while ensuring governance over the entire process.

Timesheet and Expense Recording

Timesheet and Expense Recording in Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures precision in monitoring time and expenses. This tool enables meticulous tracking of work hours and associated costs. By capturing accurate data, it facilitates transparent project billing, streamlines reimbursement processes, and offers insights crucial for effective project management and fiscal management.

Cost and Work Breakdown

Cost and Work Breakdown within Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers a comprehensive grasp of project intricacies. This capability dissects project costs and tasks to offer a detailed view of components and expenses. It empowers businesses to strategically allocate resources, identify potential bottlenecks, and ensure projects undergo efficient execution while managing spending effectively.


Budgeting in Project Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central allows vigilant oversight of project finances. This feature tracks project costs against predetermined budgets, ensuring financial alignment. Monitoring expenditures in real-time empowers proactive decision-making, safeguards against budget overruns, and promotes accountable financial management for successful project execution.

Billing and Invoicing

In time and expense billing, where the system facilitates input, approval, and translation of these elements into customer invoices. By seamlessly integrating with the purchase ledger, additional costs tied to projects can be accounted for and utilized for generating relevant sales invoices. Work-in-progress calculations become streamlined, enabling accurate financial tracking as costs or revenues go to the general ledger.

For any endeavor that demands precise cost control and customer billing, Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Resource and Project Management component is a robust companion, empowering entrepreneurs to navigate complex projects with financial dexterity and operational prowess.

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