NetSuite for Manufacturing

Optimize your supply chain, inventory and logistics with NetSuite for Manufacturing.

Unified Platform

Specially built for manufacturers, NetSuite for Manufacturing connects processes across the product lifecycle -- from identifying raw materials up to field use and service. Now you can manage procurement and plan production and manufacturing processes in one, unified platform.

Production Gantt Chart

Manage your supply chain and ensure you have the capacity for the upcoming demand, with NetSuite for Manufacturing. It has an intuitive traditional calendar which can also be viewed as a Gantt chart to monitor your production schedule.

Simplified Procurement Process

Whether you are requesting for a quotation, or doing a blanket purchase, NetSuite is an ERP system built to support your business' procurement process. Get smarter with your expenses, score the best price and simplify the request process with this tool.

Global Accounting

Automate order-to-cash processes regardless of the currency, with NetSuite's multi-language, multi-currency capability that can single handedly support your global supply chain processes.

Supply Chain Management

Create an up-to-date supply plan to keep your production running smoothly. With the predictive analytics of NetSuite's Supply Chain Management in place, raw materials, machinery, and manpower will always be sufficient.

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