Control Costs, and Automate Your Expense Management

Processing multiple small value purchases, meals, calls, and transportation expenses can be time-consuming for your Finance Team. Delayed reimbursements can also be frustrating for your employees. Eliminate these daily issues with Expenzing which offers a more streamlined reimbursement process through its comprehensive and intuitive functions.

Lessen Administrative Tasks

Automatically allocate the expenses to the right cost center. With its built-in recorder, users can tag and track paper trails in the system plus click and stick receipts to expense reports. The Finance Team can also keep tabs on cyclical expenses to prevent duplicate claims.

Control Costs with Pre-approvals

Avoid redundant expenses by setting up pre-approvals into the employee expense workflows. Before any expense is incurred, employers or managers can pre-approve the spending of the employees. Save time from reversing entries and expense disputes.

Automate Controls Based on Company Policies

Easily configure Expenzing to automatically apply your existing corporate expense policies. Set employee limits based on their employee grade and preprogrammed multi-level approval workflows. Entitlements outside of policies are tracked and can be viewed in the exception reports.

Record and Approve Expenses On the Go

With Expenzing’s Mobile app, users can create, submit, and approve or disprove expenses from anywhere using their mobile phones. What’s more, it allows you to capture receipts through its digital wallet. Managers can also approve requests or expenses through email – no need to log in to the app!

Empower Your Employees

Employees can now track the progress of their own expense reports in the system, eliminating the time-consuming need to inquire about their status from your Finance Team. Some employees can also be allowed to mark expenses as paid by the company’s credit card.

Create Expense Reports

Gain visibility in your expenses and identify delays and spend patterns through available reports. Approval logs with dates and time stamp are also available for audit trail. Users can also create multi-currency expense reports and convert them to a preferred currency.

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