NetSuite for Retail

Meet and exceed customer exepectations every touch point with NetSuite for retail that improves in-store and online operations.

Monitor Sales Across Locations

Get detailed, real-time information across all store locations and online sales with NetSuite for Retail. Reduce manual data entry with automation, establish controls and enable audit trail for transparency.

Centralized Inventory

Anticipate demand so you can adjust the inventory. With NetSuite's Inventory Management, you get company-wide visibility by centrally managing your stocks across multiple warehouses. What's more, it can optimize inventory levels, minimize stock outs, and get rid of slow moving and obsolete items.

Integrate Your POS

Capture transactions and seamlessly integrate your POS with NetSuite. Gain customer insights from your POS' data and empower your employees to provide personalized recommendations based on the customer's preference and transaction history.

Integrate Your Website

Consolidate merchandising and finance processes by creating a unified data source on customer, order and inventory data between your E-commerce and back-office system. Deliver exceptional shopping experience to your customers by integrating your website with NetSuite.

Built-in CRM

Don't just dump your customer data in your ERP system. NetSuite has a CRM module that can provide a 360-degree view of your customers and track multi-channel marketing campaigns to boost online and instore sales. It also has a portal for issues raised by your customers.

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