The Intelligent Invoice Management Solution

Save time on laborious, multi-tiered, multi-departmental, and complicated accounts payable process. Expenzing offers an intelligent Invoice Management Solution that can do a five-way check among quantity, rate, order value, Goods Received Note, and advances paid.

Automate Invoice Authorization

Reduce the cycle time for your Accounts Payables when you automate your invoice authorization process. Expenzing also helps eliminate tedious paperwork involved in double-checking the transactions and prevents erroneous manual entry of data.

Control Your Budget 24/7

Managing budgets of multiple departments is never easy. Expenzing’s Invoice Management will act as your Financial Controller 24/7. Implement stringent budget control modules by monitoring your spending against your budgets.

Generate E-Invoices via the Vendor Portal

Encourage your vendors to submit e-Invoices through Expenzing’s Vendor Portal. Every submission will be immediately available for your Finance Team to review. In case the vendor decides to submit physical invoices to the procuring location, the invoice details can be entered in the system to be processed.

Ensure Timely Payments Monthly

Automate your cyclical bill payments to ensure they are paid on time. Use reminders to track expiry and subscription payments. All utilities, and rental fees for your office, factory, or warehouse will always undergo authorization diligence to ensure all monthly transactions are verified.

Data-driven Spending Through Analytics

Data is Power. Expenzing harnesses the power of analytics to help companies identify opportunities to save. The system analyzes your organization’s spend patterns so you can properly allocate and stretch your budgets.

Prevent Authorization of Incorrect Invoices

The Invoice Management Software is powered by algorithms that can automatically do a five-way check among the quantity, rate, order value, Goods Received Note, and invoice details. This deters incorrect invoices from being authorized for payment.

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